Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's Family Fights Back

"He was a hero and he was the love of my life." - Albert Snyder, Matthew's Father

"...The family of Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder, US Marine Corps, has begun this civil lawsuit* against Mr. Phelps and certain members of the so-called Westboro Baptist Church to bring an end to the reign of terror and abuse that they inflicted upon the grieving families of US service members killed in defense of our nation. Using innocent children to deliver their twisted message of hatred and fear, the defendants in this suit have sought to attack the memory of our departed heroes, to strip their loved ones of their dignity, and to use abuse and intimidation as a tool for preventing surviving family members from reaching closure over their loss.

It is the sincere hope of Mr. Al Snyder, Matthew’s father, that this suit will spark similar legal actions against Mr. Phelps wherever he seeks to inflict harm upon the memory of our heroes and their families. If you feel strongly that such actions should be stopped, please consider a donation to help offset the legal expenses of bringing this suit..." (source)

I am assuming this is the reason a court has ordered Matthew's father, Albert Snyder, to pay $16,000 in legal fees to Fred Phelps(D) and his Westboro Baptist "Church." Not that even one of the three articles I read gave any background to the story... So we'll surmise Snyder brought the suit claiming carrying "God Hates Fags" signs outside of the funerals of soldiers and Marines that were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq exceeds the boundaries of free speech. I think we'll also have to guess that he lost the suit and has to cover the defendant's legal costs.

"I don't think I'm going to be writing a check until I hear from the Supreme Court," Snyder told Fox News on Tuesday. "I'm not about to pay them anything."

The two-page decision supplied by attorneys for Albert Snyder of York, Pa., offered no details on how the court came to its decision.

On Friday, Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ordered Snyder to pay $16,510 to Fred Phelps. Phelps is the leader of Topeka's Westboro Baptist Church, which conducted protests at Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's funeral in 2006.

Attorneys also said Snyder is struggling to come up with fees associated with filing a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court.

The decision adds "insult to injury," said Sean Summers, one of Snyder's lawyers. (source)

Though I do believe the First Amendment gives Phelps and his crew have the right to hold their disgusting signs... If this poor man, that has already lost his 20 year old son to OIF, has to pay that vile Fred Phelps one cent...ugh, it's too horrible to even consider isn't it?

Quote of the Week

Though I do believe Nancy Pelosi's "We won't know what's in the bill until we pass it" already has quote-of-the-year wrapped up...

“Imagine if somebody were to really sit down with Osama Bin Ladin and say, ‘listen man,what is it that you’re so angry at me about that you’re willing to have people strap bombs to themselves, or get inside of airplanes and fly them into buildings.’ That would be the miracle if we can get, sit down and talk to our enemies and find a way for them to hear us.” – Matthew Modine
(Full Metal Jacket, Gross Anatomy) (video)

***I think it's only fair to mention that Matthew Modine has done some significant work with Soldier's maybe this quote was just meant to say "in a perfect world" this could happen...?

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ESPN Covered for Obama

Potato should have an 'e' on the end. Well, if you live in Philly it should anyway. And it does have an 'e' if it's plural --and plural is probably the only way you'd ever need to write it. You wouldn't have a single potato on your shopping list.
So adding an 'e' to the end of potato isn't that big of a deal...and certainly doesn't warrant becoming the defining moment of a Vice Presidency. But it did.

Yet, Obama butchers 'Syracuse' (which is basically a phonetic spelling)...and not only do you hear nothing about it, but ESPN went as far as to edit it out!

Our illustriously academic leader wrote, "Sycasuse" while making his March Madness selections. How is adding an 'e' to potato worse than that? Sycasuse? Really? Free wouldn't even butcher it that bad!

How is it that the collective media can cast each and every Republican in office as a rube without any pang of conscience?

Hot Air has the whole story complete with videos.

(I realize this happened almost two weeks ago, but I didn't really think much about it until last night when I was doing letter sounds with the baby...)

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Don't Hate 'The Pacific'

Just because Tom Hanks is a moron. HBO's The Pacific is amazing. I loved Band of Brothers, but I think this might be better. It's really cool to see Chesty Puller personified (I'd be scared if I were the actor portraying him...knowing the love and adulation every member -past and present- of the USMC has for him).

It is disappointing that Hanks paid homage to the WWII veterans by producing these mini-series, but then denigrated their service by reducing it to an act of government sanctioned racism.

In case you missed it last week:

"Back in World War II, we viewed the Japanese as 'yellow, slant-eyed dogs' that believed in different gods," he told the magazine. "They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different. Does that sound familiar, by any chance, to what's going on today?"

"'The Pacific' is coming out now, where it represents a war that was of racism and terror. And where it seemed as though the only way to complete one of these battles on one of these small specks of rock in the middle of nowhere was to - I’m sorry - kill them all. And, um, does that sound familiar to what we might be going through today? So it's-- is there anything new under the sun? It seems as if history keeps repeating itself." (source)

I read that ratings were down after Hanks made the asinine remarks, but I'm here to advocate for the series. It's really good. The second episode actually made my chest get tight physically. I can't even fathom the reality of being in firefights like those...

And, for a less conventional recommendation from me:

Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals (also on HBO) -I've actually watched it twice...

You Know You're Drunk When...

You are caught trying to give mouth-to-mouth to a road kill possum. Yeah, I'm pretty sure no breathalyzer is required at that point...

Pennsylvania is not looking so good this week. As if the Philly freak posting the YouTube death threats against Eric Cantor wasn't bad enough, now we have drunken road kill boy.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Are the Tea Parties 20 Years Too Late?

I have long contended that providing mother's with a tax break for staying home with their kids would serve the children (and society) better than taking taxpayer dollars to pay for someone else's daycare costs. That's what Headstart is. Parents can call it preschool or whatever they want, but it's daycare and much like I shouldn't have to contribute to your mortgage...I shouldn't have to kick in for your daycare.

"Recently released results from the Head Start Impact Study indicate that the benefits of participating in Head Start almost completely disappear by first grade.

The federal government spent at least $25 billion on federal preschool and child care programs in 2009,[1] but President Obama has pressed for significant increases in preschool spending. The Administration approved $5 billion in new early education and child care spending in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Congress may soon approve $8 billion in new spending on the Early Learning Challenge Fund in the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (H.R. 3221), which has already passed the House of Representatives..." (Read about all Headstart's shortcomings)

The irony of social programs/social welfare/social justice (whatever label you choose) is they are created with this lofty goal of "fairness" --this Robin Hood mentality of taking from the rich to give to the poor --yet the middle class always gets trampled along the way. The redistribution of wealth can never be fair because "fair" is a subjective term and those redistributing are mere men. Communism (or anarchy for that matter) could only be successful in a Utopian society...and this is certainly not that...

I'm beginning to feel as if the Tea Parties are in vain...20 years too late. Government is way too big to reel in. It's this giant hungry beast and both parties continue to feed it... Even a Republican President with the full weight of a GOP Congress continued to expand the girth of these entitlements... If someone even tried to cut back benefits now, after creating two generations of entitled dependents, I think we would have a repeat of Greece on our hands...

Don't Say "Pro-Life" on NPR

I have never listened to NPR. I have no idea where it is on my "radio dial." I had never really thought about it until last night when I decided to post about this article. The mere existence of NPR has always annoyed me...I have NO idea why we need PUBLIC broadcasting when there are so many stations/programs out there...

But I digress.

NPR has sent a memo banning the use of the term "pro-life."

Here's one lame attempt to explain why:
"I am a 'pro-life' voter," said Hamilton, of Washington, DC. "For instance, I would vote for someone opposed to the death penalty over someone in favor of it. However, 'opposed to the death penalty' would be a better, more accurate description of my position. Pretty sure I'm not who [the correspondent] is talking about." (source)

Here's the memo that was just distributed to all NPR staff:

"NPR News is revising the terms we use to describe people and groups involved in the abortion debate.

This updated policy is aimed at ensuring the words we speak and write are as clear, consistent and neutral as possible. This is important given that written text is such an integral part of our work.

On the air, we should use "abortion rights supporter(s)/advocate(s)" and "abortion rights opponent(s)" or derivations thereof (for example: "advocates of abortion rights"). It is acceptable to use the phrase "anti-abortion", but do not use the term "pro-abortion rights". (source)

So does this denote a lack of intelligence in NPR listeners? After 37 years of abortion debate, their listeners don't know what pro-life is referring to... Though, I guess to differentiate between the anti-death penalty people we could say "Pro-innocent life"...

Newsbusters has an article about the change.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey Libs...

See, you can believe 100% in the absolute exceptionalism of The United States of America AND also care about the fate of the rest of the world. It doesn't have to be either or...

You are a Model Citizen of the World

You care deeply about the world, and you do everything you can to help.

You feel like the injustices in the world are your injustices, and you fight to fix them.

You have a deep appreciation for the differences that make up the world.

You feel like you have something to gain from every culture and country.

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Socialism:" Running Theme of the Week

Refresh my memory please...weren't Conservatives accused of using scare tactics and histrionics when they applied the term Socialist to Barack Obama? That's somehow lumped in as part of our hate mongering and racism.

And then, earlier this week, we were told that Al Sharpton's socialist comment shouldn't be taken seriously and that people like him "don't really speak for the causes, parties, initiatives for which they inveigh." And then Rep. Dingell's "control the people" comment was just a vocabulary misstep. Nothing to fear for the kooky right-wingers...

But now we can add another Obama friend to the growing list of associates that are telling it like it is:

"...[Cornell] West declared "socialism has a future."

He stated, "We are at a very crucial historical moment. My dear friend Barack Obama, he needs help. He needs deep help. He needs pressure. Organized, mobilized pressure."

West went on to urge the crowd not to rely on "messiahs" or "leaders," instead explaining the mantel for ushering socialist change into the country "falls onto us."

Obama named West, whom he has called a personal friend, to the Black Advisory Council of his presidential campaign. West was a key point man between Obama's campaign and the black community.

"He is my brother and my companion and comrade," said West of Obama. " (source)

...And Speaking of Marxists.

...This article over at Newsbusters about Robert Kennedy Jr should promptly make your head explode:

Here's a teaser-- "Many of the problems of today, Kennedy traced back to actions taken by Reagan. Kennedy believes the American people are fed a media diet of right-wing propaganda, and it "all started in 1988 when Ronald Reagan abolished the Fairness Doctrine.

If the Fairness Doctrine was still in place, "You could not have a Fox News," he said, nor a Rush Limbaugh, for that matter. But the doctrine is gone and Fox and Limbaugh are here. Quoting Pew Research, Kennedy said, 30 percent of Americans now get their news from talk radio, which is 90 percent dominated by the right." (Read the entire article)

This loon seriously laments the right to free speech in this country! I mean, we expect it from the Canadians...but from a member of an American political dynasty...even if it is the Kennedy's?

Exploding Breast Implants

"...Female homicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered.

The shocking new Al Qaeda tactic involves radical doctors inserting the explosives in women's breasts during plastic surgery — making them "virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines."

It is believed the doctors have been trained at some of Britain's leading teaching hospitals before returning to their own countries to perform the surgical procedures..." (source)

First the shoe, then the underwear and now the boobs... My first thought was that TSA applications were going to fly off the shelf as men applied in droves to be airport screeners...

But, this actually isn't something I should be joking about. Undetectable explosives is a really scary thing... There does seem to be an Islamic theme of using our Western addictions against us. 9/11 funded by knockoffs (our need for name brands and Capitalism) and now plastic surgery. Maybe we should play the same game, use their weaknesses and send them goats with explosives in the butts... Sorry, that was bad...but I couldn't resist...

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

*REWARD* $10K For Proof of Racial Slurs *REWARD*

Remember the unsubstantiated claims that Tea Party enthusiasts were daft enough to hurl racial epitaphs at members of the Black Congressional caucus with tons of media everywhere (yet not once seems to have been caught on tape)?

Well, it seems Andrew Breibart (of Big Hollywood and Big Government) is offering up $10,000 of his own dollars that will be donated to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can produce evidence of the racial assaults that have been alleged committed by Tea Party activists.

Here is a great interview video where David Shuster's temper tantrum about the tea party members is deftly dealt with by The Big Black Lie author Kevin Jackson. I actually watched this a few times...

...And lastly, to be fair, it seems Obama did follow through on his pledge to donate his $1.4 million Nobel peace Prize winnings. These are the 10 beneficiaries of his "Just thanks for not being Bush" award.

Black Babies: An Endangered Species

"The Director of Minority Outreach for Georgia Right to Life, Catherine Davis is taking that message to the public, along with a massive public awareness campaign that has captured national and international attention. Drivers in the metro Atlanta area are seeing billboards that demand attention — and are changing minds...

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 57.4% of the abortions performed in Georgia in 2006 were performed on African-American women, but blacks make up only 30% of Georgia’s population. Nationwide, the pattern is similarly stacked against black babies — black women have approximately 37% of all abortions each year, while blacks make up only 13% of the national population..." (source)

Prompted by this article (which should be a matter of common sense given the eugenic proclivities of Margaret Sanger...) I looked up the voting record of each and every member of the Congressional Black Caucus (45 members) and NOT ONE is pro-life. Not even one. Nor is the President. In fact, many of them (including the President) are not just pro-choice but rabidly pro-choice with 100% ratings from NARAL and blocking legislation that would ban minors from crossing state lines without parental permission to obtain abortions and voting no to partial birth abortion bans...

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) Pro-choice/Pro-partial birth abortion
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Strong Pro-choice rating (voted NO on stopping minor from crossing states to get an abortion)
Rep. Donna Christensen Strong pro-choice rating
Rep. G.K. Butterfield Pro-choice voting record
Rep. Yvette Clarke pro-choice voting record
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. Pro-choice for the first trimester
Rep. Corrine Brown Voted 100% by NARAL -voted NO on banning PBA
Rep. Roland W. Burris Pro-choice but not federally funded
Rep. André Carson pro-choice
Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay, Jr. Rated 100% by NARAL
Rep. James E. Clyburn Pro-choice
Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (Founding Member) 100% NARAL rating
Rep. Elijah E. Cummings Pro-choice
Rep. Artur Davis Pr-choice (but did vote to outlaw PBA and cross-state minors)
Rep. Danny Davis 100% by NARAL
Rep. Donna Edwards Pro-choice
Rep. Keith Ellison Pro-choice (CAN you be Muslim & Pro-choice???)
Rep. Chaka Fattah Pro-choice
Rep. Marcia Fudge Pro-choice
Rep. Al Green Pro-choice
Rep. Alcee L. Hastings Pro-choice
Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr. Pro-choice
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee 100% NARAL rating
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson Pro-choice
Rep. Hank Johnson Pro-choice
Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick Pro-choice
Rep. John Lewis 100% NARAL rating
Rep. Kendrick Meek Pro-choice
Rep. Gregory W. Meeks Pro-choice
Rep. Gwen Moore Pro-choice (actually has a 0% pro-life rating)
Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton Pro-choice
Rep. Donald M. Payne Pro-choice
Rep. Charles B. Rangel (Founding member) Pro-choice
Rep. Laura Richardson Pro-choice
Rep. Bobby L. RushPro-choice
Rep. David Scott 100% NARAL rating
Rep. Robert C. Scott Pro-choice
Rep. Bennie G. Thompson Pro-choice
Rep. Edolphus Towns 100% Planned Parenthood rating
Rep. Maxine Waters 100% NARAL rating
Rep. Diane E. Watson Pro-choice
Rep. Melvin L. Watt 100% NARAL rating

Control the People

"Let me remind you this has been going on for years. We're bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you are going to pass legislation that will cover 300 American people [sic] in different ways, it takes a long time to to [sic] do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people. Our republicans have spent a long time not participating, not helping, harping and delaying, but at the same time they have contributed nothing to this and made no offer whatsoever as to what it is they want or what they stand for..." Rep. John Dingell, March 24, 2010 (source)

No Purell, No Problem...Use Clinton

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama's New Religious Marxist Adviser

Obama's new spiritual adviser, Jim Wallis, is also consulting on POLICY. Say what? He claims the Bible mandates the redistribution of wealth... Glenn Beck had the story last night and Breitbart followed up with the video last night.

I spent the morning reading various websites dealing with The Bible and socialism. VERY interesting to say the least. I remember discussing this my senior year with my Bible teacher (who was also a professor at the local Seminary) and discussing the fact that the Bible certainly encourages the ownership of privater property. And while it advocates charity, it never implies that should be enforced by a government.

Considering Communism/Socialism/Marxism is grounded in atheism and the denial of creation, based on a material outlook and the denial of God's natural seems a bit strange for avowed Marxists to be espousing Biblical admonitions... Can you say false profit?

Once again Obama chooses a pretty radical comrade...

BS Insanity Not Forgotten

Today ends week 3 of My Power 90 Commitment...Two months and a week to go...

kmacginn, SB Smith, Zelda, Chester, Free, Freemom, Liz, Ghostie, AFSis, msg keith, Georgia, Jethro...are you guys still going? Getting results? Discouraged? Plateaued? Let's hear how you're doing!

With most of the Beachbody products, you have to make a 6-day-a-week commitment. That is the thing I am having the most trouble with. 5 days is no problem, but that weekend day is hard to fit in with everything else going on...and since they stress it so much I'm wondering if it is something to do with resetting your metabolism -or is it just part of reaching the 90 day goal? I have also decided that 30 minute workouts are much more realistic --for those that agree, Tony Horton has a Power Half Hour Series too.

***Paul Ryan, current Tea party darling, is a P90X user (see video). :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"A former Massachusetts dentist is accused of putting paper clips in patients' mouths during root canals, then billing Medicaid for the stainless steel posts he should have used.

The state attorney general announced Tuesday that a grand jury indicted former Fall River dentist Michael Clair last week. The charges include assault and battery, larceny, submitting false claims to Medicaid, and illegally prescribing drugs." (source)

I believe that I read doctors receive only 50¢ on the dollar for Medicaid claims and with 32 million more people flooding the will they maintain their practice? By using paperclips and charging for SS rods. Welcome to America 2014.

Thank You Rev. Al for Your Honesty

"First of all, then we have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama. Let's not act as though the president didn't tell the American people - the president offered the American people health reform when he ran. He was overwhelmingly elected running on that and he has delivered what he promised.

"I don't understand Republicans saying this is against the will of the American people. They voted for President Obama who said this was going to be one of the first things he would do and he has done the first hurdle of that tonight. So I think the American people was very loud and clear. This was not some concept the president introduced after he won. He ran on this and the American people won tonight because they got finally something from a president they voted for." -Rev. Al Sharpton (source)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Bitter & Clinging

My vote for best TEA PARTY sign thus far:

I wish all the gloating email senders could understand that this has nothing to do with politics...a win for Dems a loss for Repubs...who cares? This has to do with our country and not learning from other countries, our own states or from history. One party being allowed to make such comprehensive change without ONE vote from the other party and without the blessing of their constituents... This wasn't some political tug-of-war...this was every horrible thing they accused Bush of being (but he never was). I don't know what the worst possible scenario looks like, but I do know what the best one does: a one term Barack Obama. GOP, let me repeat myself...DO NOT run Mitt Romney.


They thought he would "govern from the center?" Are they for real when they say that?! Did they think all the talk of his Marxist ideals and risque associations were just hyperbole...or did they just get caught up in the hype? I blame them the most. Those that say, "I voted for Bush and I voted for Obama" like that's something to brag about. Like that doesn't make them colossal morons. And I blame those that abstained from voting --which basically gave Obama their vote. Those that thought McCain would be just as bad. I blame them too. For this:

"The new government agencies that will be created as the result of Obamacare will worsen the quality of American medical care by restricting physicians and hospitals to use their best judgment, according to Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., a physician and chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

In fact, he says, the bill would create 159 new government agencies to regulate insurance and medical care for Americans.

Writing for AOL News, Price says in an op-ed that the healthcare overhaul being contemplated by House Democrats will sacrifice “the quality of health care that has made this nation's practice of medicine the envy of the world.” (source)

Not to mention the crippling cost.

The Republicans will have a last ditch effort with legal maneuvers, but even Stupack caved to the pressure.

Racials Slurs? I Highly Doubt It.

My grandfather is known to say, "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."

Tea party members know that they have been labeled racists. They know the press and the Hollywood elite are out to diminish their commitment, message and intelligence by making their concerns about the revamping of their country nothing more than anger over a half Black man in the White House. There is no way they would indulge the Jeannine Garafalos and Bill Maher's by proving them right on the capitol steps. Please.

Great Story (with video) on how the MSM reported this (like it was fact) and FNC reported it (as allegations) given THIS:

"Fox News also reported yesterday that it had contacted Capitol police to find out whether the incident had been reported or was being investigated. Capitol police confirmed that it was neither reported, nor was it being investigated. These are pertinent facts, which the public has a right to know. Yet, the Washington Post relied only upon the claims made by these black lawmakers and Barney Frank to frame the allegations as established fact."

Are Tea Party activists angry? Of course they are. Of course WE are I should say. The thought of your country being changed forever without ONE Republican vote can be a bit unsettling. So Garry Trudeau, you droll windbag and intellectual property IS indeed taxation without Representation...

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Friday, March 19, 2010


I just...well, I don't...maybe...gee, folks

Do you think this girl looks vaguely familiar?

American Exceptionalism

A term we've heard a lot lately with the Texas textbook showdown.

I remember after 9/11 thinking that as horrific as the day was...that it had probably ended racism. I thought Americanism would prevail. That we'd band together and hate them more than we hated each other. Like they did the Japanese and the Germans in early 40's. I thought we were going to embrace jingoism and WIN.

But, I don't need to tell you that didn't happen. In fact, quite the opposite. The Left would embrace terrorists into their ranks before they would someone from the right. And in the aftermath of 9/11 we've been pressured to become 'world citizens.'

SO, since we're supposed to learn from history...I'm wondering why it's the greatest generation that seems to have raised the worst generation. Why do the children of the greatest generation want to dismantle all that their parents fought for and loved?

If American exceptionalism had prevailed after 9/11 and America truly was 50 States UNITED against those that would do her harm...the horror would have served a noble purpose. Instead, it remains a senseless travesty...

Flood DC in Calls and Paper

U.S. Capitol Switchboard:
1 (202) 224-3121 (call TODAY and ask for your senators' and/or representative's office to voice your opinion on the Health care bill)

And Rush had another great idea:

Flood the capitol in paper too. Send letters that read "VOTE NO ON HEALTH CARE BILL" to your Reps TODAY. Send them overnight by FedEx, UPS and USPS. Like Rush said, it'll cost money, but you'll be stimulating the economy while your flooding your reps and Senator's offices and crowding the streets with trucks...on a Saturday.

If you don't have the time and/or money...and email is also good.

Find your Representative's here.

Find your Senators here.

And here's the link to a free fax service.

Also, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is urging opponents of the bill to attend a March 20th Capitol Hill rally to protest the health care reform bill:

"We can beat them if we fill this capitol city up full of patriotic Americans. If tens of thousands pour into this city again, like they have done numerous times before -- pack this Capitol, jam this Capitol, surround the place, don't let anybody in or anybody out -- they will have to capitulate."

Kos Kids Embrace Censorship...Yet Again.

A Bible verse for the President?

Have you seen these bumper stickers? They say "Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8" and it's up to you to look it up when you get home... I just saw one for the first time the other day.

Psalm 109:8 "May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership."

Of course, while I was Googling I noticed some articles written by the humourless Left with claims it's a call for Obama's death... Good Lord, can't a joke just be a joke...?

The answer is NO. It seems some Kos Kids had all the Psalm 109:8 merchandise banned from CafePress and Zazzle. Once again, it's THE LEFT that despises free speech (not to mention The Bible)...

How did I not hear about all this when it was going down?

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Care Scramble

I should be writing about this. I should be following it intently. I should know who the hold outs are. I should be worried for the country. Worried for my kids. Worried that I'll be sitting all day in packed clinics like I did when I was little and Philadelphia had a clinic for all the police and firemen.

I should care about "deem and pass":

"Pelosi obviously can't find enough votes in her own party for ObamaCare, so the House speaker is preparing to approve the president's health-care bill by legislative legerdemain -- that is, by not voting on it.

And to hell with the Constitution.

Not to mention President Obama's long-abandoned vow that the health-care-reform process would be "completely open and transparent."

I should be incensed that even if Obamacare passes, not only will my taxes skyrocket but health care premiums will rise too:

"Buyers, beware: President Barack Obama says his health care overhaul will lower premiums by double digits, but check the fine print.

Premiums are likely to keep going up even if the health care bill passes, experts say. If cost controls work as advertised, annual increases would level off with time. But don't look for a rollback. Instead, the main reason premiums would be more affordable is that new government tax credits would help cover the cost for millions of people.

Listening to Obama pitch his plan, you might not realize that's how it works."

We should all be panicking over a new study that revealed 1/3 of Doctors say they'll leave health Care if Obama-Care passes:

"The survey, which was conducted by the Medicus Firm, a leading physician search and consulting firm based in Atlanta and Dallas, found that a majority of physicians said health-care reform would cause the quality of American medical care to “deteriorate” and it could be the “final straw” that sends a sizeable number of doctors out of medicine.

More than 29 percent (29.2) percent of the nearly 1,200 doctors who responded to the survey said they would quit the profession or retire early if health reform legislation becomes law. If a public option were included in the legislation, as several liberal Senators have indicated they would like, the number would jump to 45.7 percent."

Reading the DNC talking points on how to deal with Tea Party members opposing health care in D.C. did irritate me, but I am just so sick of the rest of it.

This is the first time I really feel defeated. If they can pass something this major without a vote...that's really demoralizing. I think of how many times over the years that I vehemently argued when someone stated that their vote didn't count or that their voice would never be heard... Could I, in good conscience, take on that debate today? I don't think so. I'm too sad.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote" ~Benjamin Franklin

Are Green People Mean?

"...When Al Gore was caught running up huge energy bills at home at the same time as lecturing on the need to save electricity, it turns out that he was only reverting to "green" type.

According to a study, when people feel they have been morally virtuous by saving the planet through their purchases of organic baby food, for example, it leads to the "licensing [of] selfish and morally questionable behaviour", otherwise known as "moral balancing" or "compensatory ethics".

...people who wear what they call the "halo of green consumerism" are less likely to be kind to others, and more likely to cheat and steal. "Virtuous acts can license subsequent asocial and unethical behaviours," they write.".." (Read the whole article)

As you know, I am pretty green (damn, I still want that word that distinguishes Conservation from Global Warming hysteria), so I'm not bringing this to attention to mock the freaky Prius hippies... I found the concept as a whole worthy of deeper reflection: "compensatory ethics."

Does 'good' or charitable behavior in one facet of our lives entitle us to subconsciously be crappier in others?

Insofar as this story goes, I don't feel this describes me at all. Maybe because I don't feel as if my recycling and composting is saving the Earth...but instead is my duty as a patron here. But, other things... I'll have to think about that one. Like, is there a correlation to my (sometimes hurtful) bluntness/honesty to my friends and the fact that I think I go above and beyond in my I earn the right to be hurtful if I feel like it? Hmmmm, like I said, worth some further reflection.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Defense of Being Poor

No, that's not a facetious title. I credit all my best traits and most of my accomplishments to the fact that I grew up poor.

"Poor" is defined as "having little or no wealth and few or no possessions."

I mean, I wasn't living in a shack with no running water poor, but I was one of five children (and normally one or two foster kids) with a father in the Philadelphia Fire Department and a stay-at-home mom with 4 of the 5 kids in private school. Money was tight to say the least.

So I learned to sew. I learned to paint. I learned to cut hair. To do calligraphy. I learned to cook and bake. And I knew I had to get a full scholarship to college...and I did.

I think it's pretty fair to say that none of that would have happened if I had been outfitted with disposable cash.

So when I'm going about my day, using all the talents bestowed upon me by the demands of poverty, and hear the constant class warfare arguments on the really bothers me. Character should be built and not bought.

The "American Dream" is the chance at a "better, richer, and happier life"...not that everyone will get filthy rich and turn their children into horrible, little entitled beings. I once knew a kid that had a keychain that read, "I'm not spoiled, I'm just rich." He had no redeemable traits that I could detect, but he did have a 911 Carrera at 17...the "American Dream?" The school that I mentioned in the 'mean girls' school was my least favorite to teach at...and the most affluent...the "American Dream?"

Truthfully, I think being "poor" is vastly unrated...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Encouraging GITMO Terrorists to Claim Abuse

We knew that al Qaeda was coaching disciples to claim degradation and abuse at the hands of Coalition troops should they be captured, but could we fathom this suggestion coming from American lawyers?

"...On the evening of Jan. 26, 2006, military guards at Guantanamo Bay made an alarming discovery during a routine cell check. Lying on the bed of a Saudi detainee was an 18-page color brochure. The cover consisted of the now famous photograph of newly-arrived detainees dressed in orange jumpsuits—masked, bound and kneeling on the ground at Camp X-Ray—just four months after 9/11. Written entirely in Arabic, it also included pictures of what appeared to be detainee operations in Iraq. Major General Jay W. Hood, then the commander of Joint Task Force-Guantanamo, concurred with the guards that this represented a serious breach of security.

Maj. Gen. Hood asked his Islamic cultural adviser to translate. The cover read: "Cruel. Inhuman. Degrades Us All: Stop Torture and Ill-Treatment in the 'War on Terror.'" It was published by Amnesty International in the United Kingdom and portrayed America and its allies as waging a campaign of torture against Muslims around the globe.

"One thread that runs through many of the testimonies from prisons in Afghanistan and Iraq, and from Guantanamo," the brochure read, "is that of anti-Arab, anti-Islamic, and other racist abuse."

The message to the detainees was clear: If you want to claim you are being tortured, here is a vast menu of examples from which to choose..." (Read the entire story)

It seems I spend my life lamenting over the fact that some story or another isn't being covered by the MSM or that the public in general is unaware or inappropriately blase about something that should be inciting outrage...

The entire GITMO situation is one of those things. It was bad enough when we learned that admittedly NINE people in the Obama administration's Justice Department opted to defend terrorists at one point in the not so distant past...but now we learn that lawyers are unlawfully passing propaganda to men that were caught amidst trying to kill American troops?!

I realize 'treason' would be too much to ask for...but something? Some outrage...a debarring perhaps? Better yet, a one way ticket to Yemen.

This Guy Wrote for Sesame Street?

There is an OpEd in yesterday's Taunton Daily Gazette (which I gather from their advertisers is somewhere in Massachusetts) that left me a tad befuddled... It's about the ongoing Starbucks-unconcealed weapon controversy.

The writer, Lloyd Garver, seems to have his stereotypes muddled and the result is a disjointed and confusing pontification...

He begins by stating that Starbucks is a "symbol of yuppies and carefree consumerism" and a place where "the smallest cup of coffee is called a “Tall.” Depending on what you order, you can easily spend two or three bucks for a cup."

But then says that those things make it a "place with the kinds of products mocked by right-wing opponents of vegetarians, elitism and free-range chicken potpies."

So, "carefree consumerism" is a left-wing trait? Paying $4 a coffee is a hippie prerogative to be mocked by the GOP? I mean, if we're trading in stereotypes here, I thought the Grand Ol' Party was comprised of the rich fat cats? Who better to waste precious dollars on fancy grande half-calf mochachinnos than rich, white old men...right?

And are the free-range vegans frequenting Starbucks...or roasting their own organic Guatemalan beans and pouring it into their recycled, reusable travel mugs?

Even from there the article talks about a riff between "traditional NRAers" that believe guns should be concealed and these "gun-toting, Second Amendment-loving customers" that are causing the controversy. So, traditional NRAers aren't "gun-toting, Second Amendment-loving customers?"

The commentary was all over the place with inconsistent stereotypes. Am I knit-picking here. I really don't think so... You can read it and decide.

But for the record Mr. Garver, I am a life-long Libertarian leaning Conservative (or maybe Conservative-leaning Libertarian) and not only do I frequent Starbucks for my grande no-fat vanilla lattes whenever possible, I only make Starbucks' Verona or Italian Roast at home. I buy free range and I recycle (and compost!) AND I don't, nor would I ever, own a gun.

Caption It...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care Push: No Subtlety for the NYT

This is the photo attached to a NYT article yesterday about the outcome of the President's final push for the health care bill:

I am SO sick and tired of talking about health care, but I will say this one last thing. BOMBARD your representatives this week. Phones, email, fax and snail mail if you can.

Find your Reps and let them know how you feel.

It DOES make a that NYT article said, they still have PTSD from the aftermath of Hillary-care in 1994. Believe me, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi says, none of them value health care reform more than their own paycheck. The swing districts oppose the measure. Couple that with your calls and letters and Nancy will have a lot of trouble getting the 216 votes she needs...

I know the NYT will claim the illustration depicts a medical cross, but come on...

Agh! I Agree With the ACLU?!

The Worcester County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts wants to start a dialogue with school officials considering a proposal for a mandatory school uniform policy.

The measure, the organization says, violates the rights of students.

Furthermore, the ACLU believes students’ clothing should be influenced by parental guidance and not by educational administrators, he said.

“We should encourage young people to have a certain amount of individuality and creativity,” he said. “Students only have certain ways to show their individuality — one way is through their clothing. We know we have to act as part of a group in society, but at the same time, we want to succeed as individuals. We don’t want everyone marching to the same tune.”

I know that in the past most of you have seriously parted ways with me on this topic.

You tell yourself it evens the playing field. It doesn't. There will still be kids with Uggs and kids with Faux-uggs...purses, jewelry, backpacks, jackets and will never be "fair."

I am SO opposed to uniforms in public schools. And yes, it would be easier AND cheaper for me...but it's wrong. I would have HATED it. It would have killed my spirit. Demoralized in khakis and a navy polo...the thought makes me shudder. It would have destroyed what little I liked about school. It would have made me just another faceless cog in the machine...a soldier in Kim Jong-Il's army.

So, it looks like the ACLU and I are in lockstep with this one...

We The People

(H/T: Sunny)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fired Up For the Weekend

If you want to get yourself all fired up...maybe fulfill a few liberal fantasies by foaming and this.

At first I couldn't. I could only manage to skim. I bookmarked it and tried again a few times.

The article is from Psychology Today and written by a San Francisco psychologist and psychoanalyst named Michael Bader, D.M.H. He basically says he "hates" Tea Party members and proceeds to compare attendees to his schizoid patients and mentally retarded people.

"...I hate these folks but I also understand them. And, well, uh, I also empathize with them. They share the same psychology as the paranoid patients I treat every day. The only difference is that the paranoid beliefs of the tea-party movement are political while those in my consulting room are of a more personal nature.

The causes and dynamics, however, are the same. And so just as I have empathy for my patients, I have come to have empathy for the tea-party'ers, even as I despise their influence and work hard to defeat their ideology. It's crucial that progressives do likewise because if we don't understand the ways that decent, god-fearing, and victimized people can come to espouse such a dangerous ideology, we won't be able to fight them effectively..." (source)

But, a picture really is worth a thousand words...because as soon as I saw his, my anger diffused. He's that guy.

Alright, so it didn't dissipate all my annoyance. This is a guy that casually refers to Republicans as a racist community and a self-avowed far left fringe guy, yet he's given this big article in a mainstream publication giving him credibility, and national exposure. Sad. And annoying.

It Pays to Have a Perfume Allergy...$100K

I am totally allergic to some scents. Fake flowers, Obsession perfume and those pine tree shaped air fresheners make me break out in hives, get a headache and labor breathing if I remain in the vicinity. As much as I would never think to tell someone else to refrain from using these things, I also can't imagine being forced to sit next to one of them all day every day...

"...Susan McBride, a civil servant in Detroit, won a $100,000 settlement from the city after officials failed to accommodate her allergy to perfume. McBride complained to superiors about a coworker’s perfume, claiming the smell made it difficult for her to breath. When managers did nothing to address the situation, McBride sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act and won.

In addition to paying the hundred grand, the city, as part of the settlement, will post signs asking employees to refrain from wearing “scented products, including but not limited to colognes, after-shave lotions, perfumes, deodorants, body/face lotions, hair sprays or similar products.” (source)

Being denied a workspace removed from the offending smell is one thing, but asking everyone to change hygiene products and rituals is another. I am assuming this woman proved that she was actually allergic and didn't just dislike the scent...

I'm really vacillating on this one. $100,000 seems overly exorbitant because if she would have anaphylaxed,, I'm sure that would have been in the story... But, If she really was suffering and nothing was being done...

Yesterday and Today

Caption It...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unemployment Insurance: Social Program?

"...Millions of Americans have been forced to rely on unemployment payments for extended periods as the nation struggles through its longest period of high joblessness in a generation, and critics are taking aim, saying that the Depression-era program created as a temporary bridge for laid-off workers is turning into an expensive entitlement.

About 11.4 million out-of-work people now collect unemployment compensation, at a cost of $10 billion a month. Half of them have been receiving payments for more than six months, the usual insurance limit. But under multiple extensions enacted by the federal government in response to the downturn, workers can collect the payments for as long as 99 weeks in states with the highest unemployment rates -- the longest period since the program's inception..." (source)

Maybe I am unclear on how UI actually works, but is this actually an entitlement or is it draining money now because it's run by the government and is mismanaged?

Reagan once said that "Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders," but I wonder if he knew the maximum you can get is $500. You could make $3000 a week at your job, get laid off and only get $500 in UI...who would willingly choose that?

Take The Man, he's been working full time for 23 years. That means an employer has been paying into the program based on his wages for 2 decades and he'd never filed for if he needs it, it should be paid for and then some after investing 23 years worth of revenue made on him...right? Or is that nullified by the amount of people that abuse the system? Or do I misunderstand how it works?

Talk Radio Spawning Mean Girls?

I'm sure I have blogged about this in the past, but the single thing that shocked me the most when I began teaching was how mean little girls were...and at what an early age. For two years I was subbing in 8 different elementary schools for K-6th grade. Those eight schools spanned the entire race, religion and socioeconomic spectrum. The worst as far as 'mean girls' bullying was the school in the most affluent area. Duel income, professional families and a string of 9 series Mercedes in the drop off queue. Those girls were brutal.

"Everyone but YOU got an invitation to my pool party. YOU can't come because EVERYONE thinks you're weird and that you dress weird. Crying won't help. It only makes you uglier." ~5 1/2 yr. old

True story folks. Kindergarten.

Since I don't remember this kind of thing happening in elementary school, I'm always interested in the dichotomy of this (seemingly) growing phenomenon...and was shocked to see what this article proposes as a possible cause:

"...Bullying, at least among girls, starts at a young age; whether this is new is a subject of debate among behavioral specialists.

Some believe that the popularity of shows such as “Gossip Girl’’ and the talk radio shout-fests that kids listen to from the back seat of the car have fanned the flames, which are spread face-to-face and through cyberspace.

“I think what’s different is how uninhibited it [bullying] has become. There’s just a real lack of empathy,’’ said Deborah Weaver, executive director of a self-defense and safety program for Boston girls, who has worked with more than 6,000 girls between 8 and 18..." (source)

Oh, and that school I was just telling you the most liberal zip code in the school district...

Crisis Garden?

During the course of my internet travels, I keep coming across websites lauding the 'fact' that Glenn Beck has lost all advertisers. Strange because he still has a show. Two on TV and one on radio. FNC is not an altruistic endeavor, but a business so I'm assuming that if that were indeed true that Beck couldn't get advertisers Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes would have sent him packing...

So, I've been taking notice of the commercials. For the most part it seems to be the same advertisers that are with FNC throughout the day...with one exception.

Survival Seeds. Yes, you read right.

In case of emergency this will be enough seed for one acre of garden and will be the "ultimate barter item"...for just $149 you'll get 22 varieties of veggies for your crisis garden and survive when grocery store shelves are barren.

You have to love Capitalism and American ingenuity!

The ACLU Hasn't Read the Dictionary...

...or I'm quite sure they would have sued to have this removed:

Main Entry: Grace

Unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification b : a virtue coming from God c : a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace (Merriam-Webster)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rahm and the Curtain-less Congressional Showers

The Congressional intimidation is the main story, and former congressman Eric Massa's vacillation on why exactly he's resigning. But, I can't seem to get past the curtain-less showers in the Congressional gym locker room. Am I the only one?

Of course the MSM (as will be evidenced by the AP story to follow) is running with a falsehood claiming that Conservatives are embracing this lunatic. WRONG.

"New York congressman Eric Massa resigned his House seat this week under a sexual harassment cloud, claiming fellow Democrats forced his ouster to keep him from voting against their health care bill.

It's the latest claim in a changing stream of explanations that have propelled him from a relatively obscure Democratic lawmaker to darling of conservative talk show hosts." (source)

I specifically listed to the top dogs yesterday to ensure that they didn't and Sean, Rush and Glenn all were of the same mind...the guy's a bit of a kook. Of course they wanted to talk to him --he's been scorned and cast aside by his party so he may be ripe with the need for revenge...and some juicy tidbits could be gleaned. That hardly makes him a Conservative darling. It makes him a willing patsy.

But back to the showers, seriously. Why in the world would the curtains have been removed?

"I was a congressman in my first eight weeks and I was in the congressional gym. And I went down and I worked out. I went into the showers, which, by the way, I for the life of me can't figure out why they took all the shower curtains off the shower stalls in the congressional shower.

I mean the last thing I want to look is my fellow colleagues naked. But they don't have any shower curtains down in the gym. And I'm sitting there showering, naked as a jay bird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger at my chest, yelling at me because I wasn't going to vote for the president's budget.

Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man? By the way, what the heck is he doing in the congressional gym? He goes there to intimidate members of Congress..."

And was it a deliberate move that Fox had a Democrat named Dick (Harpootlian) there to comment on nude Rahm...?

Census 2010

Yesterday I received the letter alerting me to the fact that the 2010 census will be arriving shortly. Tangible government waste sitting in my hand... A letter alerting me to an impending letter?

...But that's not my reason for posting. I'm in a quandary over whether to complete the census. Apparently if I don't fill it out (they can't prove I got it) they'll send a stalker to the house until they get me. And any question I don't fill out is $100 (max fine of $500).

I have no problem with the census itself. A count of our household. That's Constitutional:
"Article I, Sec. 9: “No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken.” And, from Article I, Sec. 2: “The actual Enumeration shall be made within three Years after the first Meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent Term of ten Years, in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.”

But all the additional stuff is disturbing.

The feds now have the GPS coordinates of our front doors like we're trapped in a bad Will Smith movie...and somehow their assurances that their workers took a privacy oath isn't doing much to reassure me. How about you?

"To the other questions, Dr. Paul tells us, we are constitutionally justified in telling the U.S. Census Bureau, “None of your business.” Not returning the form, however, or returning it incomplete, will exact the following consequence: a census bureaucrat will pay you a visit to get the answers in person. Continued refusal to cooperate can result in a fine of up to $5,000. No law-abiding U.S. citizens would give compliance with the census a second thought, of course, were it limited to, “How many people reside at this address?” (source")

Am I Big Brother just looking out for me...