Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Unwritten Rules

A good friend of mine recently went to a traditional Chinese wedding, and as she excitedly rattled off the list of "do nots" she's been told (such as don't: wear white, give a picture frame, give anything with a 4 in it, give a clock...and DO give cash -in sums with 8 or 9-in a red envelope)...I started thinking about all the "unwritten rules" out there.

Like, haggling a Craig's List price. Apparently, if you want to negotiate a price on Craig's List you need to do it via the phone or email BEFORE you go to the person's house. It's considered gauche to do so once you're there.

And I don't know if I believe this one, but I was recently told that a second date from one of the match sites implies there will be copulation. Wow, good thing I'm not single...I value myself a little more than two Jack Daniel's steaks at TGIF...

List more...I want to make sure I'm not committing social faux pas everywhere!

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