Friday, February 05, 2010

Two Political Confessions...

...that might surprise you.

For me, Sarah Palin joining FNC is having the opposite effect for her than it did for Huckabee. I've grown to like him much more since he snagged the Fox show. I'm liking her less and less. Maybe she just needs to find her "legs" and she's still a bit nervous? But she seems hollow and rehearsed. She answers questions with stock answers about the "free market system" and doesn't ever seem to answer the exact question she's pushing a play button and hoping the answer fits. Now, I'm not joining the Krauthammer camp just yet...but she needs to really sound a bit more confident in her knowledge when talking about Iran, North Korea and other important international issues. There has been more than one time I've cringed at her answers to important questions...

And the second is, unlike Rush, I wanted Obama to 'succeed' (whatever that means). I wanted him to be a good President. I hoped the realities of the office would prompt him to do the right things. I wanted the first Black President to be a memorable one. I worry about all the people out there that will allow his many foibles to feed into their racism...and their low expectations for him. I wish the first Black President would have been someone that had earned the position and was up to the job...someone like Colin Powell or like Allen West (who we might think about drafting for 2012).

Maybe that's it, maybe that's why I'm so uneasy with Sarah Palin. I don't want the same thing to happen with the first women that's happening with the first Black president. I want the first woman President to be a firestorm of knowledge and a a pillar of Conservative principle. I want Maggie Thatcher part II.

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