Monday, February 08, 2010

Toyota and Honda Troubles...A Little Too Convenient?

Last week I told The Man that I might officially subscribe to my first conspiracy theory.

Toyota and Honda both come out with voluntary recalls on strange things with minimal casualties (an accelerator pedal that pulls down by itself and speeds up?) right after the US buys a huge portion of GM? And GM just happens to have commercials offering and extra $1,000 if you trade in a Toyota at the ready?

Everyone I know that has a Honda loves it. Most people I know would take a Honda over a Ford or GM every day of the week. So with all the pressures on Wall Street and conveniently no mention of the auto union can GM make any money before people take their eyes off bank bonuses and start questioning where the auto bailout repayments are?

"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sat down with reporters Wednesday to lay out a timeline of how US officials had "pushed Toyota to take corrective actions" on its pedal problems since 2007.

The meeting came a day after he issued a statement accusing the Japanese automaker of dragging its feet on recalling vehicles in danger of sudden, unintended acceleration due to pedals which could get trapped under floor mats or become "sticky."

He also caused a brief panic when he told a congressional panel that owners of 5.3 million Toyota vehicles affected by the recalls should "stop driving" them.

David Champion, director of automobile testing for Consumer Reports magazine, said the reaction to the recall was overblown.

"When you look at the statistics we are putting an awful lot of effort on a very small risk," he said.

But he said a congressional investigation was an "overreaction" and noted that the "sticky" pedal problem that caused Toyota to halt production and sales of eight models last month was not linked to any accidents or injuries...." (source)

Now that I'm looking around the web, it seems my questioning is in good company. I'm not saying I think Obama was out there putting Gorilla glue on gas pedals, but I do think advantage is being taken of what would normally be an unnoticed recall in a sea of millions...

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