Thursday, February 04, 2010

Siding With Rahm on This One

Ugh. Do you know how hard it was to type that?! I'm totally annoyed with Sarah Palin because thanks to her I have to side with that horror show.

I was driving around yesterday wondering where Palin's Tea Party principles had gone... Let's not even get into free speech here, Rahm didn't give a statement on the evening news...he called THE FAR LEFT "F-ing RETARDED" BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Private meeting, hello? An America where you can't say that liberals are F-ing retarded? What kind of America is that? So, he apologized -under duress I'm sure and prompted by the manufactured rage I hate so much? Am I under-reacting? Would my response be different if one of my kids had Down's? I really don't think so. No. I'm 99% sure I'd be writing the same post.

I'm curious when using the term 'retarded' became equivalent to using the N-word? Retarded means slow. You can retard something's growth. It's not a made up word just to denigrate someone. I understand being upset over 'retard'...but retarded is an obsolete label anyway, isn't it?

Do you think Sarah Palin reprimands her kids if they call something "gay?"

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