Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rich and Healthy, Poor and Fat?

I hate to put a quote without a source, but I'm 90% sure that Oprah said it didn't cost any more to eat healthy...to which I let out a giant guffaw. It costs SO much more to eat healthy --and I'm not just talking about organic stuff (which I don't buy because the only way you can guarantee something is organic is to grow it yourself). But wheat or oat bread is a dollar or two more than white. Brown rice is more than white, wheat pasta is more than regular and wheat pancake mix is almost $2 more than regular. And salmon, much more than ground beef.

Case in point: Philadelphians ranked least healthy in state
"To be healthy, it helps to be wealthy - or at least not poor.

That was brought home in stark fashion yesterday by a new report that ranks Chester County residents the healthiest in Pennsylvania, and Philadelphians the least healthy. Camden County came out near the bottom in New Jersey.

The findings were not a surprise to health-policy experts, who say factors such as obesity, education, and exposure to crime and pollution - all related to poverty - are at least as important as good medical care for maintaining health..." (source)

Now, if you want to really depress yourself...this is Michi's Ladder. In an ideal world, we would only partake from the top two tiers, but the third is acceptable. The bottom two tiers are all contraband. Geno's cheesesteaks aren't on the list, but I'm guessing they're definitely bottom tier ;)

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