Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Political Zealotry

The other day I was wondering how close political zeal and mental illness are related. Some things just fit perfectly together --like the rituals of Catholicism and Scrupulosity, higher intelligence and Conservatism...and intense political fervor and mania.

I happened upon a running tab of current events penned by someone that used to comment here once upon a time and it was so clear...so plain...I have no idea how I missed it before. Pure, unadulterated mania. Bi-polar disorder sheathed so translucently in heated political jargon. Passionate for sure, but also too overblown. Too reactionary. Too unmedicated.

It got me to wondering about some of the more reactionary blogs (on both sides of the aisle). The 'red-meat' blogs and their authors. The Kos Kids, the Media Matters geeks that sit for hours 'monitoring' Glenn Beck and O'Reilly, and all the little blogs where the authors tirade day after day with no comments in return for their trouble.

I love that there are enough people out there that care enough about the State of our Union to sustain a blogosphere (and the cable news channels), but that little tirade I happened across was a good wake up call. A reminder that some days we need to take a step back and enjoy what we have--turn off the PC, shut the laptop, turn off the TV and ditch your newspaper. And breathe. The good fight will still be here when you return.

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