Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meghan McCain's Political Insecurity

Do not misinterpret the fact that I understand where Meghan McCain's head is with me excusing her behavior. I don't.

Though, after her appearance and asinine statements on The View, many Republicans may be checking the GOP bylaws to see if the blonde McCain can be excommunicated from the party...I understand her dilemma. She's cute and young and in her reality she's a lone Republican in a vast sea of Democrats. She's bothered by the fact that so many people have bought into the stereotype of the GOP being the party of the rich, rigid, white fat cats and she thinks she's trying to make it 'hipper.'

The fact is, if she took a second to reflect she'd realize these days most of the rich fat cats are sitting on the left side of the aisle (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros and all of Hollywood) and that it's much 'hipper' to be the rebel--the lone Conservative in a herd of DNC sheep... She's trying to shatter those stereotypes, but she's going about it all wrong. She's young. She's trying. It's a shame she doesn't get it. She could be a huge asset. Instead she's made herself a huge ass. She working so hard for acceptance from the Left...she'll never get that as long as she's a registered (R).

And it also might behoove her to attend a tea party before she makes sweeping judgments about the age of the attendees...there were plenty of young people at the Philly Tea Party. And I was there -and I'm as hip as her any day of the week -and with 1/1,000th of the cash flow...

By the way, can we excommunicate her?

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