Monday, February 15, 2010

Just When I Started to Waiver on the Death Penalty...

Two stories this week reaffirmed that some people are just not fit or deserving to live in this world.

The first took place in Vegas. And is so horrific it makes my heart hurt.

Harold E. Montague, 33 and married with two children, took a two and a half foot "medieval-style battle ax" an stabbed his mentally disabled sister-in-law more than 20 times in the torso, stomach and legs. He was her "caregiver."

The he left the house and proceeded to attack a random woman walking down the street with her 4 month old baby. The mother has been hospitalized with "disfiguring face and head injuries" and the baby boy was found dead near the overturned stroller. He was finally subdued with a Taser and arrested.

He hacked to death a 4 moth old baby and severely maimed the mother that was taking blows to her face with an ax to protect her son. He needs to die.

The second took place here in Pennsylvania and involves another mentally challenged woman (who was 30 but said to have the mind of a young teen) Jennifer Daugherty.

This story is a bit more convoluted and this horrific crime that involves more than 33 hours of torture was perpetrated by a gang of six social misfits/rejects/outcasts (whatever word you prefer).

"They shaved her head and smeared her face with nail polish. They forced Daugherty to drink and eat urine, detergent, medication, spices and vegetable oil. They beat her with a towel rack, a vacuum hose and a crutch. They wrapped Christmas lights around her. Knight stabbed her in the chest, side and neck, an affidavit said. Smyrnes told police he cut her in the wrist. The suspects implicated each other in the murder, police said.

Knight and Smyrnes stuffed the victim into a trash can and dragged it a few blocks to the parking lot of Greensburg Salem Middle School, police allege. It was found about 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

Police said they are working to determine how the six lives twisted together to end in murder..." (source)

One of the 6 is only he can't receive the death penalty. But anyone that could conceive of these deranged things and then execute them. Anyone that could watch another human being suffer for that many hours. That human being doesn't get the privilege of existing in this civilized society. All five should get the death penalty and the 6th life.

I want the cases to be airtight. I want there to be irrefutable DNA evidence. I don't want even the possibility of an innocent person wrongly convicted. But once the case is set in stone I want each of these sub-humans to meet their maker...ticket courtesy of my tax dollars.

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