Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jobs For Conservatives

The other day I started thinking about how lucrative government jobs were --and then how the only thing Obama's stimulus seems to be creating is bigger government. But, that means more lucrative government jobs...right? And if anyone should have those jobs, it should be the CONSERVATIVES that paid all the tax revenue to pay for them!

So I found this site:

First go to your state (Browse jobs by US location) and then after the jobs in your state come up, put your zip in the top right-hand corner and choose a mile radius (within 10 or 20 miles, etc.). Then hit the blue arrow button and Wah-Lah! There were 151 jobs within 10 miles of my house (and quite a few sounded pretty interesting).

So, if you're in need of some work or a CHANGE...this seems to be the only way Conservatives can hang on to their own money in an Obama world.Hey, and if you're in DC...Obama is looking for a secretary!

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