Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It Was Gum on His Shoe!

Most of you probably saw this picture of Bow-Gate Part III yesterday. But, what you might not have seen was the Obamatrons explaining it and defending it.

The best explanation became the title for the post. Yes, someone actually said, "he's checking to see if he stepped on chewing gum."

This was the most common sentiment: "It's not like the tea baggers and talking heads or even their elected reps are big on courtesy." So, it's only about manners? Did I move to Japan without my knowledge?

No, I take that back, Blame Bush was the most common: "You didn't get the memo? Obama bowing is Bush's fault...just like everything else in the world."
"Actually, the ways in which Bush screwed up the country before skipping back to the ranch are Bush's fault." (source)

Is this the end of the world? Of course not...but it's WEIRD, no? The Saudi King Abdullah and Japanese Emperor Akihito were at least understandable in the sense that Obama might have been unsure of the etiquette, but a MAYOR...in FLORIDA? It's just too bizarre...maybe there was gum on his shoe? His back went out? Lactose intolerance? Jock itch?

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