Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Summit

My question to Obama as he continues to vilify the insurance companies (and to my fellow Americans as well) is...what would HE charge people if it were his $44 million on the line? Would he accept pre-existing conditions if it was his $44 million being used? No one gets into business to lose money -or even to break even and I think many people tend to lose sight of that.

I'm not saying that the system doesn't need to be better. And I'm also not saying that insurance companies are above reproach, but we're too deep in to create a single scapegoat.

I'm not sure if I think the best way forward is to make health care a pay as you go commodity and make insurance what it's meant to be...a tool for catastrophic events. Or, if malpractice reform and buying across state lines alone could be the answer to a more efficient system. Will I watch the 6 hour summit today? Probably.

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