Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Guest Post by J.Marquis

"I'm starting to hear more and more about corporations tinkering with the health insurance they provide for their employees. A lot of the tinkering is related to
the biometrics of the employees...in other words, stuff like body mass index, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

What the companies will do first is give it a positive spin, sending a message they're just looking out for the health of their employees. But the next step is actually making your biometric readings part of your job appraisal...because if you cost them too much insurance-wise, they'll start thinking about cutting you loose and hiring someone younger and thinner.

Think this scenario is far-fetched? Just think about how fast the cost of health insurance is rising in this country.

Wow, aren't you glad we don't have the government meddling with our healthcare?"

My Response: At first I was thinking this might be an area where the Left and the Right can agree...no one likes Big Brother, right? But then I started thinking about smoking bans, food police, thought police, et cetera and I guess we have to assume that some people WANT Big Brother watching...and meddling. I think common sense would dictate those calling for more government intervention (i.e. single payer heath care) must be the Big Brother fans in question. So, should I assume that J.Marquis thinks a Single Payer system would alleviate this or have we found a progressive that's opposed to socialized medicine?

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