Friday, February 26, 2010

Fairness Doctrine* in Baby Steps...

If the Obama administration can't yet legally pluck Glenn, Rush and Sean from the airwaves...they can at least attempt to use them to push their own talking points.

You're gonna love this: An offshoot of the DNC, 'Organizing for America,' has set up a website coaching libs on how to call Conservative talk shows and what to say to various hosts.

The first time I went on I was told to call Roger Hedgecock's show, given some tips like this:
"Some hosts may challenge your views. Stay calm and firm. Sharing a personal story about how health reform affects you and your family is a great way to show the importance and urgency of health reform."
And then a list of discussion topics.


Next I got Fred Thompson (and numbers are provided with each new selection). Next was 'Focus on the Family,' then Neal Boortz, Sean, Hugh Hewitt... (I could do this all day...)

You are then instructed to submit your report like a good little drone bee.

As unseemly as I find staged support and/or indignation...I have to once again comment on the fact that the LEFT utilized NEW MEDIA much better than the RIGHT and I'm a bit disgusted about that.

(*Fairness Doctrine)


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