Wednesday, February 03, 2010

DADT : UK as a Case Study for Repeal

One Purple Heart Recipient/OEF Veteran's view:

And a POV for those that would prefer a Marine to a Soldier. (H/T: JSP)

There's a really interesting article posted on BBC News comparing the UK and US on this issue. The UK changed their policy and allowed gays to serve openly in the military 10 years ago. (This wasn't exactly thier choice though, the decision was "forced on the UK government by the European Court of Human Rights.") At the time, civilian support for gays serving openly was much higher than support in the Armed Services. "Large-scale resignations from the UK armed forces were widely expected in some quarters, when the ban on gays was lifted - but in practice they did not materialise[sic]."

Polls among military members currently serving in the US reflect the same sentiment --with about 10% saying they'll resign if DADT is repealed. And even if they haven't pledged to resign, a majority (59%) of military members are against repealing DADT while an overwhelming number (69%) of civilians are in favor of the repeal. Even "Support among "conservatives" had jumped 12% over the same period, from 46% to 58%." (source)

The successes of British units serving in both OIF and OEF is said to disprove the assertions that gay troops would lead to the breakdown of cohesion and discipline.

As I have said in the past, (though I cringe when I read of returning heroes and Purple Heart recipients being relived of duty because a FB or MySpace page outs them...) I feel that as a civilian I have no place making judgments or recommendations. I have never served and have never been in a war zone. This is a military issue to be battled within the military IMO.

...Though, I am interested in what you active duty and veterans think about the "case study" of the UK...?

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