Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Corpse VS. The Hand

Freshman year of college, Public Speaking 101: Write down a few key words that will trigger the memory of an entire section of your speech.

Palin wrote “Reining in spending,” “Energy," “Tax” and “Lift American Spirits” and "budget cuts" on her hand for the Tea Party gathering. The Lefties went WILD. Apparently writing key words on your hand ensures you could never run for President. It seems it also disqualifies her from criticizing Obama for his over-reliance on TOTUS.

I think I have proven that I won't blindly stick up for Governor Palin because she's on my side of the aisle, but is this 'scandal' even for real? People really care that she wrote 'Energy' and 'tax' on her hand? Personally, I would have written it on my wrist under a jacket or on my thigh under a skirt...the hand just seems so prosaic...
Or is it just to take the heat off of Obama...

There are certain words that get mispronounced all the time: Xavier (pronounced EX-avier when it should be Zavier), Comparable (Compare-it-able instead of comp-rable), cache (often said cash-ey instead of cash) and for President Obama...Corps (which he pronounces as a dead person instead of CORE).

Considering EVERY day as President he deals with the Press Corps and the Marine Corps and the Army Corps of's pretty bad he doesn't know how it's pronounced.

Is it petty to criticize Palin over hand notes...absolutely. Petty too give Obama a hard time over "Corpse man"...yes...if it weren't for the fact that the Left crucified Bush over every misspeak.

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