Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chicago Politics In Pennsylvania: Arlen Kissed the Ring

Okay, be honest...don't let me wax all conspiracy-theory-like if this has been all over the news and I've just missed it (The Man bought me a new sewing machine and I've been preoccupied with making all the baby's old receiving blankets into cute little PJ pants...). But, I really don't think I've seen this anywhere...even FNC:

"In the face of a White House denial, U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak stuck to his story yesterday that the Obama administration offered him a "high-ranking" government post if he would not run against U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary.

A White House official "vociferously" denied his account yesterday as Sestak insisted on national television that he had told the truth, but declined for a second day to divulge details.

"I was asked a direct question . . . and I answered it honestly," Sestak said in a Fox News interview. "There's nothing more to go into."

Sestak made his startling claim Thursday during the taping of Comcast Network's Larry Kane: Voice of Reason, a public affairs show televised on Sunday evenings.

"Were you ever offered a federal job to get out of this race?" Kane asked near the end of the 30-minute interview.

"Yes," Sestak answered.

"Was it Navy secretary?" Kane asked.

"No comment," Sestak replied..." (Read the whole story)

Regardless of the fact that Senator Specter kissed the has already been shown that just because Obama wants someone elected they don't always get elected...and we all know that it's time for PAT TOOMEY to take his rightful place in the Senate.

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