Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"The Blinding Hubris of the Ruling Class"

"The Tea Party movement is a groundswell of conservative-minded, Constitution-centered, independence-loving individualists bound together not by party platform but by governing principles. We are united not by affiliation to a traditional party but by affection for traditions borne of a unique set of American principles."

Just this past Friday we talked about Kerry just not getting the Tea Party movement...but it isn't just Kerry, it's all the DNC elite, the MSM and the moonbats on the Left (you know, the ones that Tweeted and FB'ed how Obama "smacked down" House Republicans the other day...puh-lease!)

Eleanor Clift, an unabashed Lefty, wrote an article for Newsweek 1/29/10 that was condescending at best and purposefully deceptive at worst. The first paragraph definitely sets the tone: "It was conventional wisdom to dismiss the tea-party activists who disrupted town-hall meetings around the country last summer as a bunch of crazies orchestrated by Republican activists. They equated President Obama's policies with socialism, communism, and fascism, whichever -ism was handy, and their angry rhetoric was so over the top that Democrats dismissed them as a fringe group not worth worrying about..."

But don't bother reading her prosaic article though...just go right to the rebuttal (the rebuttal's author penned the astutely succinct Tea Party patriot description that heads this post).

His first two paragraphs also set the tone for his article nicely:

"It wasn't until the election of Barack Obama that I ever really considered myself a party person. Okay, I was a registered Republican, and I tended to vote for (R) candidates. Not because I truly believed in any set of guiding GOP principles, and especially not in recent years. But more because of a general feeling that Democrat contenders were, like termites, almost always more likely to eat away the foundations of the America I love.

Now, though, it's different. The termites are swarming. They are more voracious than ever. And because we must engage in serious pest control, I passionately proclaim, "Party on!" Now that Obama defiantly pursues his relentless assault on liberty in order to fundamentally transform the United States of America, I am a party animal. A Tea Party Patriot and proud of it!..." (Read Norvell Rose's responses to Clift's Tea Party talking points)

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