Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Astoundingly Transparent

I would be surprised if anyone reading this blog has not seen this photo and "Miss Me Yet" text before now. However, there is a bit of an uproar because someone put it on a billboard. Libs are trying to find out who has been funding the billboard.

At NPR.org, a local NPR affiliate has verified that the billboard is real. The folks at NPR are a little confused, however:

Now, the push is on to find out who paid to have it put up.

Bob says there's no readily apparent claim of ownership on the billboard, so he's heading back to the scene to see if he can find out who's behind the message. He's also got some local politicos looking into it. He'll keep us posted.

At first glance, it would seem to be from some person or group who isn't thrilled by President Barack Obama's performance so far -- unless it's a more ironic message from those who didn't think too much of Bush and want to remind voters about him.

Holy Cow, give me a break! Is it possible that anyone with two functioning neurons forming a synapse could think this was anything other than a jab at Obama? Perhaps Rahm Emanuel's "f'in' retards" might think so, but for NPR to suggest this is just a blatant way to put a negative Bush dig into an article.

And what's up with having "local politicos" look into it? Why do they care so much who paid for it? Aimin' for a little retribution, ya think?


Apparently someone misses him!

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