Friday, February 12, 2010

An Argument for Wanton Government Spending?

It irks me when politicos can't see outside their own point of view to grasp that there are those that hold the opposing view as vehemently as they hold theirs...but as I read a post by Honest Partisan last night, I realized that I must be inadvertently doing the same thing.

I found myself shocked that he was cheering Big Government and finding fault with Obama's purported discretionary spending freeze and was taking issue with Obama mentioning earmarks instead of driving the agenda that health care costs is what's driving the deficit?! Not to mention saying 'fiscally Conservative' like it's a bad thing? The entire post bothered me on a few different levels, but this thought in particular sums up my utter consternation with the other side of the aisle:

"....Macroeconomic illiteracy is a big political problem in this country, as voters buy the line that government should cut spending in hard times just like families do (the diametric opposite of what the government should do to bring back prosperity)..."

Reading through stuff at the DU or Kos never shocks me because those people are fringe, but when a person I respect (or worse a family member that I love) espouses views I deem so objectionable and always bothers me for a few days.

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