Tuesday, February 16, 2010

al Qaeda SITREP

JOE BIDEN: “We have eliminated 12 of the top 20 [al Qaeda] people. We have taken out 100 of their associates. We’ve sent them under ground."

When a top intelligence official was asked to verify Biden's assertion: ["Well, that depends on your definition of top, your definition of al Qaeda and your definition of eliminated."]

"...A recent study by a Washington think-tank – New America Foundation – reported that under President Obama, drone strikes had taken out half a dozen militant leaders while killing 530 others as well. Of those, 250 to 400 were lower-level militants, and a quarter of them were civilians.

But two counter-insurgency experts David Kilcullen and Andrew Exum wrote in The New York Times that as many as 700 people had been killed in those attacks and 98 per cent of them were civilians, which is 50 civilians for each militant eliminated. (source)

The Biden-Cheney talk show show down was pretty interesting --especially hearing that Cheney was booked and Biden wasn't...until the White House heard Cheney was going to be on and offered Biden up. Would they do that if Cheney was a political nothing (the way they're touting him on the libosphere?) What's really wild is Biden making a point to say that his Administration is doing everything the Bush administration did. Something his base can't be very happy about...

And as I am typing news is coming across that the Top military Taliban commander (Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar) has been captured in Pakistan. I wonder if he's been read miranda rights and handed his enbroidered prayer rug and engraved Qu'ran?

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