Friday, January 08, 2010

Two Questions for Gay Marriage Advocates

My position on gay marriage is well documented--and though I am totally against denying any American legal rights and protections that another is privy to, I have reservations about going as far as gay "marriage."

Here are the two questions that comprise the basis of my hesitation:

First, if gay marriage is made legal, could the ACLU and others of their diabolical ilk sue a Christian/Catholic/Mormon/Muslim church that refused to marry a gay couple due to religious conviction/beliefs? And would the SCOTUS have to uphold a ruling because of the new found legal status?

Second, yes...sorry...the dreaded "slippery slope" argument. What about polygamy? People that claim they were born loving more than one--that feel it's their calling? Or a group that feels as if cousins--or half brothers and sisters should marry? If we broaden the definition of marriage, how do we determine when to stop? How is it fair to allow two men to marry but not a man and two women?

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