Friday, January 08, 2010

The Twisted Thoughts of the Far Left

The Left just makes crap up. Strange things that really have no bearing on politics, so I have no idea why they assign such far out narratives to the Conservatives amongst them. Case in Point:

Our friend KayinMaine has a post on her site that begins with this picture and asks things like: "Who is this person in your mind? Would you want him in your home? Sitting next to you on a plane, or in Gitmo?"

As if brown hair and brown eyes denotes a terrorist in the very small minds of the Right? How many Conservatives here have dark hair and dark eyes?

The article then proceeds to "Shock you" by letting your small mind know that it was indeed a representation of Jesus Christ that you wanted strip searched.

Now add a keffiyeh, a prayer mat, a Qu'ran, a long pubic hair beard and mumblings about killing Jews to that dude and yes...I want him cavity searched before he gets on my plane.

Now what's really interesting, aside from this post that made me open up my narrow mind and realize that not all brunettes are out to blow up the comments under the post.

Things like this:

"...And he looks kind of….whispering….Jewish. I’m always amazed how Christians ignore that fact and of course almost everything that was ever attributed to him saying, especially do unto others..."

First of all, isn't it Conservatives that are the stalwart defenders of the Jewish State? Aren't Conservatives the ones that encourage faith?

And stating that Christians will only accept Jesus if he "looks like a WASP" --is that implying Americans don't find Jews attractive? I guess Kay and her minions have never seen Adrian Grenier or James Franco...or David Lee Roth back in the day for that matter...

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