Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teddy's Seat is in Play?

No one expected there to be any contest in the election over the late Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat. But, according to the polls, it might actually be in play (if I were a Conservative in MA, I wouldn't hold my breath...we are talking about a Commonwealth comprised of a voter base that repeatedly re-elected Kerry and Kennedy after all...).

What I find interesting about the race between Martha Coakley (D) and Scott Brown (R) is they are both using healthcare as a major talking point. Brown is promising to be the 41st vote that can break the filibuster-proof majority and Coakley is (predictably) saying she will be Obama's 60th vote.

The fact that the polls have these opponents within a few points (some polls as many as 15, but some have Brown leading by one) speaks volumes about the frustrations of the past year...Massachusetts is a liberal bastion... Can you imagine the sheer panic that will grip the DNC if a Republican takes Teddy Kennedy's seat!?

If the GOP had some balls they'd mimic the very late Joe Kennedy and get this seat the way he got it for his son... Hire someone else named Martha Coakley to run to split up her vote allowing Scott Brown to win. Hey, it was good enough for JFK...

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