Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOTU or Stump Speech

During FNC's last 'focus group' with Frank Luntz, he gave a website to see if an upcoming focus group would be in your area. I almost went on, but then decided Fox would never have a focus group here in navy blue Philadelphia. So yeah, the focus group on Hannity's show last night was in... PHILADELPHIA.

Okay, just had to vent about that for a second. SO, what I do when I watch a speech or debate is to jot down certain points/quotes and to write my thoughts to certain things. I know this makes me a giant nerd (that and the fact that I put a piece of duct tape over Nancy Pelosi's freaky Botox face so I wouldn't have to look at it the whole speech), but I do this so later when I watch the talking head reaction, I know what were my original thoughts and then what -if anything- I take from them or agree/disagree with.

The first things I have written:
"Doesn't seem very Presidential."
"Not the 'great orator' we're used to."
"So far sounds more like a stump speech than the SOTU."
"All these promises make him seem scared and manic."

Then about the content of the speech:
"How far in until we get to the Blame Bush section?"
"Is he really telling us why we're mad? And getting it totally wrong?"
"What all the talk about the BANK BAILOUTS and crickets on the AUTO UNION BAILOUTS?"
"Where is the charge to the AUTO UNIONS for their bailout?"
"Nuclear power, off shore drilling and clean coal? What is he Sarah Palin now?"
"Slamming SCOTUS and having the Dems stand and applaud when they're in the first rows?"
"What did Alito mouth?"
O: those that "disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change." Nice dig, but no one is disputing that the climate is changing --or hasn't changed in the past and will again...they're disputing MAN'S INVOLVEMENT in that change. (Personally, I now have to come clean and say that my new dog might be solely to blame...she emits more methane gas than a herd of cows!)
"End Don't Ask. Don't Tell, document earmarks, cut tax on small business and no freeze on military spending" --he's making promises to every possible constituent and that means he probably won't keep any of them.

I went into the speech thinking that it was going to be a grand slam. That after the Kennedy seat slap down he would make this the Hope and Change hypnotizing speech of the century. I really thought I'd be writing what a good, moving speech it was (regardless of whether I agreed with any of it). But alas, it wasn't.

Sarah Palin described it in one word as "lecture," but I disagree. My one word would be "manic."

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