Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"This isn't Ted Kennedy's seat. This is the people's seat." ~Scott Brown

I hope Teddy can see up this high.

So truthfully, I was so incredibly jazzed about a Republican sitting in "the liberal lion's seat" that I hadn't even read much about Scott Brown prior to the election (other than the posing naked in Cosmo thing of course).

First, kinda cool that his daughter is named 'Ayla' (I guess he's also a Jean M. Auel fan...) Apparently, she was an American Idol contestant. But some things that actually matter:

  • He has worked to tighten sex offender laws and increase sexual abuse victims' rights.

  • He is pro-choice but has the endorsement of the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, who believe he would vote for a pro-life Supreme Court judge. Against partial-birth abortion and for parental notification.

    -"Roe v. Wade is the law of the land, and I don't plan on overturning it, but I've always felt that, you know, I'm against partial-birth abortions and believe in parental consent, a strong parental notification law." The Boston Globe, Nov. 20, 2009

  • Is against gay marriage but favors civil unions.

  • Why was every Democrat that was interviewed last night drumming the "Republicans were riding the populist wave" line --Nate said that here too...I guess it's the DNC talking point for the loss.

    Populist: a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people. (www.

    The common man vs. the elites...isn't that what the DNC always purports to be? SO why are they saying it like it's a bad thing now? If Obama and his minions are pushing through a health care bill that the majority of Americans are against...isn't that indeed the common man vs. the elites?

    A Republican vowing to be the vote needed to slow down/stop the health care bill sitting in the seat occupied by Teddy Kennedy for the last 46 years. Pinch me. And this time last year the MSM was saying the GOP was a dead party...

    But just so you don;t think the delusions have subsided-- the Washington Post's headline after the Brown win: Massachusetts race wasn't a referendum on health-care reform...

    Stuart Smalley was so stoked to be the 60th vote...he must be fuming. How wonderful.

    Now, are we just an angry mob? Just a bunch of tea baggers...?

    Update: Why don't Democrats realize that doing interviews today proclaiming that the reason Scott brown lost is because health care 'wasn't explained good enough' and that the President needs to 'get out there and talk about it in simpler terms' is SO INCREDIBLY INSULTING/ their group think bubble really that impenetrable?

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