Friday, January 22, 2010

Scott Baio Gets Liberal Death Threats for Free Speech (and the Truth)

So, have you heard about the Scott Baio-Twitter-Michelle Obama controversy? Could you ever have imagined there would be a such thing as a Scott Baio-Twitter-Michelle Obama controversy?

So, Scott Baio (the hot Chachi Arcola from Happy Days) Tweeted this pic of the first lady that read something like, [Can you believe President Obama has to wake up next to this every morning?]

Little did he know that little Tweet would unleash a torrent of liberal rage. The death threats began. He had to contact the FBI. Then, predictably, accusations of racism came flooding in.

"After receiving the initial criticism, Baio protested the photo was only a joke and appealed to his fellow Twitter users to have a 'sense of humour'.

He wrote: 'I did not alter that picture. Stop bashing my charity just because I post an unflattering pic of a woman. Grow up people, have some humour.

'One bad picture of a woman and everyone wants to bash me? If it had been of (Sarah) Palin people would have probably cheered. I am NOT making fun of anyone.

'People need to relax and laugh a bit. Life is too short no matter what (political) party you are with. A joke is just that, a joke.'

However, one Twitter user in particular was particularly incensed and sent Baio some chilling threats, which the actor then posted on his own page, also known as 'Re-Tweeting'. source

Newsflash: You can say an African American is ugly and that doesn't make you a racist. There are ugly Black people, just like there are ugly white people and I'm sure if there were purple people there would be ugly ones! Whay are they acting shocked? Michelle Obama certainly does the most with her $44 million and the looks she's been given, but it's obvious she's no Lauryn Hill. And so what, not every can be.

So, Baio was right on with the Sarah Palin comment and he should have left it's where he messed up:

"Then, in a bid to prove he wasn't racist, Baio posted a photo of himself with a black friend of his wife.
Scott Baio

Worrying: Baio's posted the threats on his Twitter page for all to see

He said: 'I'm NOT racist for posting a pic of Michelle Obama. My wife's best friend is black, hello.

'If I'm racist, don't think I would have directed shows like The Parkers and The Wayans Brothers or worked 41 episodes with Victoria Rowell on Diagnosis: Murder.' (source)

He gave validity to the racism claims by addressing them--and then trying to prove them wrong with the 'I have a Black friend' thing. Listen, I totally understand the desire...I have gotten called racist here tons of times and you have to learn to walk away from the computer knowing that people in my real life KNOW without a doubt that I am not racist at all... I wish he could have done that.

David Bowie's wife and model Iman called Michelle Obama ugly, but since she followed it with how intelligent she was no one seemed to care...

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