Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Relief for Haiti

My lack of Haiti blogging does not denote a lack of interest or concern... It's just so horrific -and like 9/11 you can't seem to escape the images...

Presidents Bush and Clinton have already raised $8 million dollars. I can't believe how old Bushy looks. When I walked into the room while this press conference was on, I thought it was his father at first. I don't know who would ever want to be President --it sucks the life blood from you.

Friends of mine are in the middle of adopting a little boy from Haiti. The two year old survived the quake, but only today were the children of his orphanage given a tent. They have had to go through so much red tape to adopt this little one --and for as long as they've been going through the motions, he should have never even have been there for this. He should have been here...safe and sound. Why do other countries stall the American adoptions?! I hate that pride comes before the well-being of their orphaned children.

Speaking of the unspeakable, I NEVER want to hear anyone complain about their job again. Haitians are being paid $1.50 A DAY to pull dead, rotting bodies from the rubble--and it's not all relative.

Look through the Red Cross pictures


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