Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Quit Smoking Reward? Type II Diabetes

"...Giving up smoking sharply increases the risk of developing diabetes, according to new research. The US study found that people who quit were up to 70% more likely than non-smokers to have type 2 diabetes within six years.

Scientists said weight gain after giving up smoking was partly responsible and that people attempting to quit should be offered advice on diet and exercise. They also warned smokers not to use the results as an excuse not to give up cigarettes.
The John Hopkins University study - which saw almost 11,000 middle-aged adults monitored over 17 years - found the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was highest in the first three years after giving up smoking.

On average during that period, quitters gained about 8.4lb (4kg) and saw their waist grow by about 1.75in (3.2cm).

But if people who kicked the habit did not develop the condition for 10 years, then their long-term risk profile returned to normal..." (source)

As most of you know, I quit smoking a year and 10 months ago. What you might not know is that Type II diabetes runs gallops in my family. Needless to say, this study caught my attention.

And they say the weight gain (not just from grazing --quitting actually slows your metabolism!) may be part of the reason, so I'm curious what they think other factors are.

I figure doctors all over America have to be panicking about this study. Yesterday I kept hearing the same mantra.."diabetes is still better than heart disease or lung cancer." Though I have a feeling the non-compliant diabetic with amputated appendages might bed to differ...

I am still REALLY glad I quit, but it sucks to have negative health consequences for doing something good for your health!

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