Friday, January 29, 2010

It Can't Compete With the Ballsy Germans...

...but this story is pretty wacky in its own right. Ready?

"...According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the women reported they went outside their home at 255 Browning Road, Telford, when they heard barking dogs. Jessica Kathleen Alexander, 18, and Tammy Nicole Ortego, 29, said two men then threw them to the ground and raped them.

However, police said both women later recanted their original story.

They allegedly admitted they had met a man on a telephone chat line and then met him for sex. In exchange, the man — who police say was previously unknown to the women — gave them one pack of cigarettes.

The WCSO said Alexander advised they filed the report because they “didn’t enjoy the sex.” (source)

There's so much I could say here about jails being full if women could have men arrested every time they "didn't like the sex"...but I won't say a thing! ;)

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