Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harry Reid's Vernacular

The new hard drive has been working like a charm...until we downloaded MacAfee. Last night we got the dreaded blue screen again. Coincidence? I have no idea, but this is getting old...

Anyway, I was thinking about this whole Harry Reid thing -and I think I've proved that I won't fake indignation... But, Bob Beckel (who greatly disappointed me by mispronouncing comparable) is right...there is a huge difference between Trent Lott's statements and those made by the Majority Leader.

Granted, Lott's were stupid, and when put into a story reiterating all the views Strom Thurmond held in his 20's it looked pretty bad, but I honestly don't think anyone believed Lott was advocating the perseverance of slavery. He was at some ancient dude's b-day, tring to make a nice speech. A memorable speech if you will...well, mission accomplished, right?

Reid on the other hand, though the spirit of what he said was fine...the fact that he still uses the word "negro" is just plain weird. I'm almost 40 and that word was already out-of-use for the duration of my lifetime--it's like he's trapped in some bad Oprah-sponsored movie.

But, aside from the blatant hypocrisy of the top Dems all calling for Trent Lott to step down and nothing but excuses for their Health Care go-to-guy...is the Mormon thing (which I haven't heard anyone else bring up). If a Repub had said this, and a Mormon at that (let's say Mitt Romney), the press would be bringing up the racial past and skeletons of LDS. Yet not a peep. Religion is always blamed first...unless you want health care reform or your pastor is Jeremiah Wright I guess...

Senator Reid, I always tell my kids, 'you can't "slip" and say something that isn't in your vocabulary to begin with...'
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