Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Full Body Scans

Is it an "invasion of privacy" to be required to submit to a full body scan before you fly? I say no. And I saw it with no guilt that I'm shortchanging the privacy I hold dear. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FLY. It is a choice. All choices carry consequences.

I think about this debate much the same way I think about upcoming mandatory health care being justified by mandatory car insurance. You don't HAVE to own a car...or drive. Therefore the insurance really is voluntary. Even if enacted at all US airports, full body scans will be voluntary also, because flying is a luxury...not a necessity.

Your right to privacy doesn't trump my right not to be blown up.

...Beside the fact that you really can't see anything in the scan anyway... Truthfully, other than aspiring crotch and shoe bombers...are people really that against this measure?

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