Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ellie Light = A Kos Kid!

Is that just too good to be true? A crazed Kos Kid sending out letters defending his man?

Forget the Kos minion for a second though...What does that say about the dead tree editors? You can read the infamous email here. Personally, I didn't find it to be any literary wonder and hardly some prolific gem to be read and re-read. It was published 69 times because the editors of all of those papers AGREED with the sentiment.

Back to the Kos Freak. You couldn't be more of a Obamatron than to take the time to send letters to 69 publications (possibly sent to more that didn't print them), 31 states, 3 national publications and a Yahoo link AND 2 foreign publications. What a LOSER, right? Geez. That's even more than the 13 year old ALa penned to Diamond David Lee Roth... This dude definitely wins the Kathy Bates 'Biggest Fan' award.

So, Fifty-one year old Winston Steward came forward after his wife was accused. And turns out --surprise, surprise-- he had a Daily Kos Diary.

And, I saved the best for last:

And WND reports that he's also a HuffPo member. And not surprisingly, he only has 14 friends on Facebook (where the pic is from).

Of course, all of those publications will write a quick little apology blurb that no one will ever see and this will all go away...

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