Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquakes as Retribution?

Yesterday Pat Robertson said that the earthquake that devastated Haiti on Tuesday was the result of a pact the Haitians made with the Devil to oust the French in Revolution. He believes that this pact has been the cause of the many hardships that have plagued the small country throughout the years since its independence. (He supported this argument by pointing to the fact that the Dominican Republic has tourism and lacks the abject poverty that beleaguers Haiti).

Out of curiosity (and boredom) I looked up Haiti's religious makeup and was surprised (in light of Robertson's comments) to find that the majority of Haitians are Roman Catholic...majority as in 95%! There are also Jehovah'’s Witnesses, Evangelical Christians, Pentecostals and a small number of Muslims. There are indeed those that practice Vodou, but mainly in the rural parts of the country--and it seems from what I can gather, there is still a stigma attached.

So, given this information, I wonder why Pat Robertson would make this statement as thousands of children are trapped under rubble...? Does he believe that God would create a dooms day Sodom and Gomorrah scenario for a country in which 95% of its citizens believe in Him and His son?

Unlike a few in the MSM I heard last night, I'm not questioning Robertson's prerogative to believe this AND to say it...I am questioning the logic and the data behind the belief...

What I do find amazing is the fact that most people believe in the supernatural retribution of "karma" and talk about it quite freely, but if someone dares to imply the supernatural retribution is "God"...they're crazy or "vile." If you do believe in God, why wouldn't he punish people with earthquakes and other destructive happenings? The rainbow is a promise the Earth won't be destroyed by water...not shaking or whipping winds.

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