Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coming Soon to a Liberal Bastion Near You
A Republican In Teddy's Seat...?!

The latest polls have the Lt. Colonel of the Army National Guard and former "Cosmo's Sexiest Man" Scott Brown pulling ahead of anti-hockey, terror-disbelieving Martha Coakley.

The Dems are even pulling out the 'big guns'...Bubba was there and Obama is on his way. Lest the pundits divert the issue from the people being opposed to this disasterous health care bill to blaming the candidate --Coakley won her bid for Attorney General easily....with over 70% of the vote.

Will the Dems ignore the message? Will they pretend the fact that a no-name Republican is polling this close to getting a seat weighed down by a Kennedy for over 40 years means THE PEOPLE are upset over Health Care and spending?! Will they give the Tea Party movement some validity? (Of course these are rhetorical questions...they'll probably just find a way to blame Bush for the loss...)

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