Friday, January 22, 2010

Best Historical Figure (other than Ronald Reagan)?

Not sure if you remember when my oldest had the Living Wax Museum project at the end of 3rd grade...he was Ronald Reagan? Well, now it's that time again and take a wild guess who my middle son wants to be?

Yes, George W. Bush. Actually his first choice was Harry Houdini, but someone else picked him. Last night he said he wanted to be Dubya and I discouraged him. Which sucks that I had to do. I asked him why he wanted to be him and he informed me that they have a lot in seems they are "both Republicans, both love baseball and both list tacos as their favorite food." I told him teachers might treat him different if he chooses Bush. He doesn't know this and I would never get into it with him...but I'm 99.9% sure his teacher this year is a big Ellen fan...if you know what I mean...

It sucks I have to burden a 9 year old with this crap. He should just be able to be the person he wants...but the possible backlash/smirks/sneers is reality, right? Am I over-reacting? I'd bet my life there will be multiple Michelle and Barack Obamas -possibly a Hillary or two and those parents won;t struggle over the decision. He asked me if teachers could give him bad grades because he liked Bush. Then we discussed 'should' and 'could...'

Any other suggestions? Stormin' Norman? Ollie North? Chesty Puller? Winston Churchill? It's supposed to be someone that changed history...

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