Monday, January 25, 2010

Beck's Revolutionary Holocaust

If you didn't see Glenn Beck's documentary on FNC this past Friday should take the time to watch it:

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I realize that it's easy for the Left to dismiss Beck as an "FM shock jock" (which is absurd given that they have Senators that were Stuart Smalley and a Grand Klegal) but common sense would dictate that Rupert Murdoch wouldn't risk his kingdom over a "FM shock jock" let loose to slander, libel and lie. Though groups like Media Matters exists soley to monitor Glenn, Rush and the like...none have been sued to my knowledge. You'd think if Glenn Beck actually was the "Misinformer of the Year" some lawsuits could have been brought...right?

I want to get a liberal reaction to this...well, other than Politico's article where they found very weak refutes of the content and then seemed upset some of the people questioned seemed impressed with Beck's they buried their quotes at the end of the article on the second page.

Politico's synopsis: "Over the past year, Beck has used images from Nazi rallies or the Soviet Union when stoking fears of creeping socialism in the United States. And he's often placed historical figures into the far-out theories he diagrams on his chalkboard. But in Friday's hour long documentary, titled "The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free ... or Die," Beck doubled down on the use of imagery pulled from the 20th century's totalitarian past to make a point about citizens needing to be wary of government overreach in the present."
Buried on the second page: But Edwards said he was impressed by Beck's "solid research" and willingness to take on "still-prevailing myths about Che Guevara and Mao." In Edwards opinion, it was "one of the best documentaries [he's] seen on communism," and rare in today's media world.

"I think this suggests the line on Beck that he is some kind of wild man is just not true," Edwards said. "This guy is thoughtful and interested in history. How many journalists in cable, print or whatever have this kind of interest in giving you a historical context. I think he should be commended for that."

Gillespie, who covered the Hollywood-ization and marketing of Guevara as a fashion icon for Reason, agreed that Beck is doing something no one else is doing in cable news — which even critics would probably agree with, although for different reasons.

"Beck may be a strange mix of comedy and pathos, but he's also bringing substantive discussion to cable news and creating arguments that can be engaged, refuted or amended," Gillespie said after the film aired.

Goldberg, reached before the show aired, described what he'd seen of it as "very hard-hitting."(source)

There have been articles suggesting a Palin-Beck 2012 ticket...Consider me in.

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