Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bay Staters...GO VOTE!

I thought this would be the worst day ever. Last Monday during the baby's 15 month routine checkup, his doctor heard a systolic heart murmur. He told me not to panic, but promptly handed me a referral for a pediatric cardiologist. I am going today at 9:30 for my little man to have an Echo and EKG. Despite all the doctors assurances, I am pretty upset about it.

...But, I do have to say that the special election today in Massachusetts is helping to keep my mood afloat. I think if it weren't for the whole damper of someone questioning the function of my baby's heart, I'd be absolutely giddy...

Teddy Kennedy, champion of the socialization of health care, replaced by a Republican vowing to be the vote to end the health care bill? Could anything be better?

Even though the latest polls have SCOTT BROWN polling at 51 over Coakley's 46 (Holy crap!), I am trying not to get my hopes too far up because this really is just too good to be true.

Bay Staters...Go Vote! Everyone else...fingers crossed!

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