Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Talk to me About Freemasonry

Recently, The Man was told that all of his dedication and hard work might go unappreciated in the long run. A gossiping co-worker informed him that the all the top echelon of his company are Freemasons...as are those that get promoted to all higher level positions.

I spent much of the weekend reading about Freemasonry. I read the Anti-Mason sites that make charges of everything from culthood and Satan worship to misogyny. Then I delved into the pro-Mason sites that seek to dispute the charges from the previously mentioned sites (though seemingly, not really by addressing them, but by attacking those making them). I'm looking for REAL information. I don't want people to tell me stuff I can read online, but stuff they have actually experienced --good and/or bad.

Should I be concerned about The Man being pressured to join at some point? Is this just an innocuous social frat for big boys? Or do wives out there find that it turns into something more?

Being honest, two things bother me right away. First (of course) any group that denies women membership can't be a group worth belonging to IMO... (Unless it truly is just a fraternity for 'grown' men and a place to escape their wives). Then, from all that I read (on the pro-Mason site actually) it seems that the major theme is moral relativism (called "tolerance") --and I hate moral relativism almost as much as I hate entitlement. One who tolerates everything, believes in nothing --and who wants to align themselves with people that can't make a stand on anything?

Wait, there is a 3rd misgiving. The one person we know well that is a Mason is less than impressive to me. His political knowledge is shite. His religious knowledge is shite and his morals are pretty twisted. I know this is one person out of millions, but as I said...he's the one I know.

(I also found it amusing (annoying?) that brothers must promise never to sleep with a fellow Mason's mom, wife, ex, sister or daughter...not pledge not to commit adultery...just not with another mason's woman...)

What was appealing was that all the conspiracy sites accused many of the people I admire of being Masons...Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove... And the Masons seem to really like Ayn Rand (wonder if they'd let her join?)

Anyway, give it up people. I read on a pro-Mason site that it isn't true that it's all secret so you can tell me. What am I getting into here...a cultish alliance or just new drinking buddies for The Man?

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