Monday, December 14, 2009

Extinct in 2010?

Tons of end-of-the-decade lists are popping up all over, but I was interested to see what would end up on a 'Gone Obsolete Since 1999' list. The general public doesn't seem to get these memos though. Case in point, you can actually still get a busy signal if you call The Man's sister... I thought that was obsolete after the close of the last decade...

So what won't be missed after this decade passes us by?

1) Answering machine
2) Lickable postage stamp
3) Foldable Road Maps
4) Cathode Ray Tube Television
5) Incandescent Light Bulb
6) Paid Pornography
7) Smoking in Bars
8) Fax Machine
9) Hydrox Cookie
10) Cassette Tape
11) French Franc
12) Floppy Disk
13) Phone Book
14) Polaroid Photo
15) Bank Deposit Slip
16) Subway Token
17) The Rolodex (source)

So how many of the 17 do you still rely on? I have an answering machine bypassing my voicemail because I always forgot to check it. I too thought faxes were obsolete and didn't replace mine when it died...only to be asked to fax something at least once every few weeks. Phone books should have been on last decade's list. I hate that they still leave them because it goes right into the recycle bin. And you can have my Rolodex when you pry it from my cold, dead hands...I will never trust technology enough to ditch that.

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