Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama's (Mixed) Christmas Message(s)

After watching the Christmas message that the President and First Lady taped for the nation on Christmas...urging everyone to do something for the men and women of the military this holiday season, I was feeling honest to goodness good will for the Obama's. I feel this message (coupled with the Norway speech) strongly suggests the possible evolution of an ideology for a man that once condemned all war. But, a man that now finds himself a war time President getting national security information in real time and learning the nuanced dance of international affairs isn't as cut and dry as he once imagined.

Unfortunately, that good feeling was dampened a bit when I was emailed this article about the Obama's White House Christmas tree: "Transvestites, Mao And Obama Ornaments Decorate White House Christmas Tree." Ugh. Once again I have to say that (as a person that loves pomp and circumstance) I hate the 'common-ness' (crassness?)that the Obama's bring to the WH. Maybe in this case it's not common-ness, but garishness...or classlessness. Are any of these actually words? :)

I guess trannies and Mao on the White House tree isn't some end-of-the-world event, just another little thing to diminish the mystique of the Oval Office...

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