Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obamacare Precedent?

Just wondering, if to anyone's recollection, Reagan, Bush 41 or Bush 43 (who also had a Republican Congress) ever pushed through a bill with NO Democratic in, not even one?

Is this Obamacare bill unprecedented with no bi-partisan support (I mean it's pretty bad if you can't even get an Olympia Snowe, a Susan Collins or a Richard Lugar) and being rushed through like this.

I know this gets tiresome, but what if Bush had ramrodded something as sweeping and right-wing as this is left-wing through? If the Left were inflating their scrotums over an Iraq war resolution, that 29 Senate Democrats and 81 Democrats in the House voted IN FAVOR OF), imagine a vote in which not ONE Democrat had said 'Yea?'

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