Monday, December 07, 2009

The "New News"

Topping the little "Bo" beanie baby key chains I saw at 5 Below over the weekend, is the new "Michelle Obama Look Book."

New York Magazine has stepped up and filled a void. Now the nation has a link with a DAILY SLIDE SHOW of each and every outfit the first lady adorns! Hooray! Wait, doesn't TLC already have something similar...'What not to wear?' ba-dump dump.

Seriously though. Ugh. Call me absent minded, but I can't seem to recall Barney key chain fobs and Laura Bush coffee table, pop-up books... Has it really only been a year....? I mean can anyone tell me what one would do with a life size Michelle Obama cut out?!

The positive side is that holiday shopping ideas abound for the Lefties this year...

Pretend you're married to Obama:

Or just sleep with him:

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