Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Two Suggestions for the Job Czar

It seems that in addition to Obama's Job Summit, there is an open call for citizen ideas about how to stimulate job creation. ("The attendee list for Thursday’s jobs forum includes the CEOs of Google, Comcast, Boeing, Disney, and FedEx, as well as labor leaders and prominent economists." source) It gives me a tiny bit of comfort that he is looking to the private sector for advice on economic growth...

Back to us private citizens though... Apparently, you can have your own living room summit (aka "community discussion") with questions sent to you by Rahm and the team and then you can forward them your suggestions and they claim that they'll read them...

From whitehouse.gov: "...But you don’t need to be at the event in DC to participate. Today we’re announcing nationwide community job forums that will run from November 30th through December 13th. These discussions, among neighbors, co-workers and friends, will be a source of insights and ideas that will inform the President’s approach to job creation. Through WhiteHouse.gov, hosts can upload the results of their discussions. Back here at the White House, we’ll compile the feedback into a report that will be sent to the Oval Office for review..." (source)

I don't need collaboration or a living room summit. Here are my offerings:

There was no issue with unemployment until women's lib. Since that time women have been steadily entering the work force (either by choice or under the duress of rising costs) and though the work force might have doubled, the available jobs didn't.

So, suggestion #1: Large tax breaks for stay at home moms (or dads). We give tons of money to working parents in the form of subsidized day care and that is a black hole. Subsidizing mothers to raise their own children will benefit society and produce immediate and long term benefits for taxpayer dollars. The immediate effect is job openings and the long term effect is a decline in all the negative things that rose when moms went back to work to begin with (truancy, delinquency, etc)

Then to work or not to work could truly be a choice. I know many, many parents that would love to take their kids out of day care...but feel it's not fiscally possible...so this would be a win-win.

And second recommendation (that would FLOOD the market with jobs instantaneously) we'll call "the Mark Sanford" --South Carolinians are looking to impeach the governor for carrying on an extramarital affair with a very so-so looking Argentinian woman... imagine the amount of jobs if all men that cheated on their wives were fired!!!!! ;)

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