Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Feeling Bad for Huckabee

"...The conservative blogosphere unleashed a torrent of criticism against Mike Huckabee Monday after a man whose sentence he commuted as Arkansas governor was suspected of gunning down four police officers in Washington state over the weekend.

Maurice Clemmons, whom Huckabee granted clemency to nine years ago, remained at large after local police in Lakewood, Wash. mistakenly thought they had him trapped in a house early Monday. Clemmons is reported to have shot the officers as they were sitting at a table in a local coffee shop..." (source)

When I read that yesterday, I think I actually heard the Governor's 2012 aspirations fly out the window. This horrible tragedy coupled with the already publicized rapist Wayne DuMond pardon would be way too much to surmount.

As I blogged recently, I like Mike Huckabee a lot as a person...but his leniency as Arkansas governor is what had initially soured me toward him in the primaries. I'm sure he felt horrible about DuMond and I know this new horror is probably eating
him alive...

...I just don't know if that would be any consolation for me if I were the mother/wife/mother/daughter/girlfriend of one of the murdered Washington officers...

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