Friday, December 18, 2009

Excuses, Excuses...

Possible broken foot on Monday...pediatrician, x-rays, crutches. Thankfully just a bad sprain.

Stranded with the baby in 29 degree global warming with a car that won't even turn over...Wednesday.

The bus comes early yesterday morning and the kids miss it for the first time...because my car is dead in front of their school.

And last but not least, typing posts on my Blackberry is just too much for my duel carpal tunnel. We ordered the new hard drive on DECEMBER 3rd!!! Where is it!? Grrrrrr! It was bad enough when we were down to one computer, but none is unbearable. I need to Christmas shop!

Add that to the fact that - watched the movie "Obama's Hype" that Citizen's United sent me and it depressed the crap out of me... What have we done to our country?

There were so many things I wanted to post about:

Once again a total misinterpretation of the Separation of Church and State by a NJ teacher and principle that ordered a 3rd grader to put a Bible away and said it wasn't appropriate for school.

Continued attempts to create a State-mandated indoctrination as school districts in Wisconsin are ordered to teach a POSITIVE history of Unions in the US.

And what's up with WalMart? Over-charging people sending Christmas presents to APO addresses?! So, on the other side of that...props to Target for offering the lowest rates!

I am reluctant to judge the way any parent handles their grief, but as I read about a mom posting Twitter updates as her toddler is found drowned in her pool...just verifies all my negative thoughts about Mommy Bloggers...

Lieberman should feel proud being attacked by all the weirdos... Michael Moore saying he will call for a CT boycott unless constituents recall him --CT doesn't have that capability Michael... And then there's that idiot Stuart Smalley....

Keep your fingers crossed for my hard drive!

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