Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can You be Drunk on the Senate Floor (If Your Name Isn't Kennedy)?

Did you see the Newsbusters story about a possibly drunken Max Baucus on the Senate floor? My God, this video is painful to watch. We've all been corned by 'that guy' in a bar or at a party --the guy that gets louder and louder and more belligerent even though no one is answering back. The guy that repeats an inane point 4,000 times thinking he's being profound as he stumbles over elementary thoughts...

Forget the fact that 55% of Americans are opposed to "health care reform" Democrat-style (though 67% feel certain the unpopular bill will pass, and only a paltry 27% "strongly favor" the legislation.) (source)

You know it's bad when even Obama's darling, The Gray Lady, has an op-ed calling the representation of the bill "less than honest."

At least there's talk of dropping the public option. We'll have to wait and see what happens with abortion funding...

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