Monday, December 14, 2009

Anti War but Support the Troops?

Can you believe I am still getting pulled into this debate...I mean, how 2004!

Seriously though, it started with a discussion in which someone asked how they could justify helping the troops this holiday when they are vehemently which I said "don't." I told her to give to an animal shelter and leave the care of the men and women of the Armed Forces to those of us who appreciate what they do.

Then someone else in the conversation actually compared the ability to support the troops while you oppose war to loving Chic-Fil-A when you hate fundamentalist Christians. I swear (could I even make that up?)!

I informed him this was possibly the worst analogy I'd ever heard and that if I could overlook the comparing of our Armed Forces to fried chicken, he would've had had to have said that he didn't believe in killing chickens but loved Chi-Fil-A to have it be analogous. That would have been comparable...and, of course, equally as asinine.

I guess I could concede that you can be against a certain/specific war, while still "supporting the troops"...but I can't conceive of any way in which one could be opposed to all war and not as equally opposed to those that wage it.

I was trying to vet this conclusion --that war and the troops were not mutually exclusive-- and the only analogy I found to be serious enough for the situation was abortion. I think abortion is murder that is never justified. Abortion doctors voluntarily enter into and profit from this profession. Abortions could not happen without their willingness to perform them. I blame the doctors as much (if not more) than I hate the abstract notion of abortion as they are the tool that brings it to fruition. There is no circumstance under which I'd give to a charity for abortion doctors or espouse my support for them.

So, I think my analogy is spot on....and now the only thing I can't seem figure out is why the anti-war crowd doesn't have the conviction to make the the exact same argument about war and the troops...word for word substituting abortion with war and abortion doctors with members of our military?

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