Monday, November 09, 2009

U2 Builds A Wall In Berlin

"Irish rockers U2 returned to Berlin for a free mini-concert Thursday in front of the Brandenburg Gate, playing its classic singles and a duet with Jay-Z even as the show was obscured from public view by a nearly 6-1/2-foot (two-meter) high metal barrier.

Bono greeted the crowd with the German words "Berlin, Du bist wunderbar!" (Berlin, you are wonderful!) and the band played a 30-minute, six-song set that featured "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," "One" and "Beautiful Day."

Rapper Jay-Z appeared as a surprise guest and performed Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up" with Bono.

The show, which was free to 10,000 ticket holders who snapped up the tickets online last week in just three hours, drew some controversy because of the barrier surrounding the gig.

Both Berliners and tourists alike saw the irony in building a wall around a concert dedicated to the wall that already has come down."(source)

Other reports I heard said that people were yelling "Tear down this wall" on the outside of the concert. I'm a little perplexed as too why a wall was built around a FREE concert--and though I'm not surprised in the least that MTV organizers didn't have the wherewithal to realize the implication of BUILDING A WALL to commemorate the TEARING DOWN OF THE WALL...I am surprised that Bono didn't chime in.

And while we're on this subject. It's always bothered me that Mikhail Gorbachev won the Nobel peace Prize for doing what Reagan told him to do...yet Reagan didn't win it. It also irks me that in MSM articles about the Cold War ending and the Berlin wall coming down, Reagan is rarely mentioned. It makes me wonder what is taught (if anything) in schools... Does this mean only Conservative children will understand Reagan's role in ending the Cold War (and I guess Bush's in sending hundreds of thousands of Afghan women back to work and school).

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