Monday, November 09, 2009

Socialized Medicine and The Girl with Two Vaginas

"[The surgeon] arrived with a troop of other medics and sat on my bed," Lauren recalls. "He seemed quite excited and said that they'd got the prognosis wrong. I didn't have a bicornuate uterus after all. I actually had two of everything. Two uteruses, two cervixes and two vaginas. I was shocked. I'd never noticed that I had two vaginas and none of my previous boyfriends had either. Even the doctor said he'd never seen anything like it before."

The surgeon removed the barrier between her two vaginas, leaving her with one big one. "The vagina I was using was half the size of a normal one." (Read the whole story)

I tried to not post about this...really I did. But two vaginas? She never noticed? 21 day periods and painful sex because she was using "the small vagina?"

Was she supposed to be a twin? What I wanted to read is why she had this anomaly...and I couldn't find any doctor speculation (they probably don't have the time to speculate given the state-run health care in the UK). When 'reading between the lines', what was also interesting was she had never seen a doctor for her pap smears, only nurses and then even after she saw a wasn't a gynecologist. Leading me to politicize this story and assume this condition would have been diagnosed at least 10 years prior to Lauren's 28th birthday if she resided here in the United States under a private health care system. See, there was a point to posting this and not just pure sensationalism... ;)

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